Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 654

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa sensed that something was wrong. She looked in the direction Rachel was staring at. Little did
she expect that the man would sit right next to her as soon as she turned around.Her face darkened.
Vincent was not surprised to see Gareth. He crossed his legs and leaned against the back of his chair.
His right arm was still on Rachel’s chair. He looked exactly like a boss.The next moment, he spoke,
“Hey, Mr. Wickam, what a coincidence.” Rachel snorted coldly. “Do you need to keep the act up? Even
a dog would know that the two of you are together.”Vincent could not help but burst into laughter. He
leaned into Rachel’s ear and teased her, “Is it really appropriate for you to say that you are a dog? Why
are you taking things so hard?”“D*ng!” Rachel swore out of anger. She practically never swore when
she was with Elisa.But she could not hold her anger back when she saw Vincent.This man had been
trying to snatch that thing from her till now. He had never succeeded, so now he was trying every
means to snatch what was valuable to her. She detested Vincent so much that she felt extreme
frustration whenever she saw him!She had a strong urge to kick the man so she did not have to waste
her energy arguing with him.Vincent laughed, “Getting so worked up will harm your body. I will be
distressed if you go on like this.”Rachel was speechless.She gritted her teeth and turned around. She
refused to talk to Vincent anymore.She was so vexed!She had never won a single argument with
Vincent. Although they were both lawyers, their charismatic skills were totally different! Perhaps only
Elisa could defeat Vincent.Vincent was satisfied. He stopped teasing her for fear that she would
explode. By then, it would be more difficult for him to get what he wanted. He smiled and said, “Okay, I
won’t tease you anymore. Look at the menu and see what you’d like to have.” “We have ordered our
food. You can order what you want. You should go to another…”Just as she was about to continue her
words, she could sense a sharp gaze on her. Rachel stopped speaking at once. She dared not say
anything more.She could continue swearing at Vincent.But sometimes, the air Gareth gave off made
her a little scared…Elisa frowned slightly. She turned around and looked at the man beside her. “Are
you going to eat at another table?”The look in Gareth’s eyes turned colder. He stared at Elisa
quietly.Elisa shrugged. “I’m afraid that all of us will not be able to enjoy our meal if we sit together.”Now&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;that Gareth always appeared around her and approached her, she felt a little disturbed.Moreover, she
had not settled everything with Carle yet. She was afraid that Carle would get intimidated if he saw
photos or videos of her with Gareth.Vincent laughed. “Don’t be like that. I will stop teasing Rach. We’re
only having a meal. Why don’t we change to a larger table?”Elisa frowned quietly.She had made it
evident that she didn’t want them to stay.But Vincent had already gotten up and walked toward
Elisa.Elisa got up right away and beckoned Rachel.Rachel understood right away. She snorted coldly
at Vincent, “Only a ghost would want to sit with you and eat! Please don’t ruin my mood! I don’t want to
vomit what I eat!”Her lips curled up with satisfaction when she saw Vincent’s face darken. Then she
followed Elisa and went to sit at another table.They were three tables apart, which was quite a
distance.Vincent was amused. He went back to Gareth and sat opposite him. “Bro, you really are not
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