Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 650

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&#lt;p&#gt;Linda knew her mother well. She would not act like this if it were not something dire. Her mother was
usually able to keep calm.Moreover, whenever she was too angry in the past, her mother would help
her come up with ideas and settle her problems. Her mother had always been optimistic, no matter the
situation. But now, she was not acting like herself. Linda could feel that her mother has trying hard to
hold herself back.“It’s alright. You only have to focus on regaining your health. Don’t worry about
anything else.” Rose spoke calmly with a forceful smile. “What news can I not take in at present? If you
do not let me know, there will be one less person to give you ideas. No matter what, we are family. Who
else can we rely on if not family?”The fury in Rose escalated. Norman alone was enough to ruin the
family!Would they have to go through this if it was not for him?She had the strong urge to tear him
apart!“I know. But we do not have anything urgent.” Rose did not intend to tell Linda about it.Linda
frowned and studied Rose carefully. “You are lying.”“Why would I lie to you?” Rose was a little
frustrated but could not show it to her daughter.Linda took a slight breath and tried to change the
subject. “How is the company doing?”Just as she finished speaking, she noticed her mother’s stunned
expression.Linda had caught her mother off guard once more.Is the company the reason her mother
has been unhappy these two days? Did Wickam Group mess with Benett Corporation again?“Business
is going on as usual in the company.” Rose simply replied. Then, she added, “We need not worry about
the company. Your father can handle it himself.”“What about the collaboration between Gareth and
Elisa?”“It will commence soon, I guess,” Rose replied nonchalantly. She hesitated a while, then glanced
at her daughter. “You should know that it is impossible between you and Gareth already. Have you
realized and accepted that?”Linda could feel a sharp pierce through her heart. But she sneered, “Yes. I
will never think about it again. I will not place any hopes on Gareth anymore. I hate him!”But she would
never let Gareth be with Elisa. She would not let them be happy!Rose sighed and nodded. “Sigh. What
an ill-fated relationship. I’m glad you are able to let go of it. I have always thought that Gareth was not
too bad. His family background is good, so if you marry him, the Benett family will gain a lot. Most
importantly, you like him. But since things have escalated to this extent, there is no point for you to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;continue this relationship.”“Yes, I know.”Linda stopped the conversation with a curt reply.She had asked
her mother about the collaboration between Elisa and Gareth to test if it was what made her mother
worried.But her mother was not hesitant in her reply. She seemed aloof about it too, so Linda guessed
something else was bothering her mother.Linda could not trust anyone now. She did not plan to find her
assistant, Yara, too. After all, once bitten, twice shy.
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Chapter 650
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