Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 649

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth looked at Will coldly and did not want to waste his time dealing with him. However, he realized
Will might go upstairs to look for Elisa if he left. Thus, Gareth frowned and stood still.Will was not sure
whether Gareth was thinking the same thing as him. Thus, he smiled and said, “Do you want to grab
something to eat?” Gareth furrowed his brow. He had no wish to dine or have any interactions with
Will.However, his desire to stop Will from disturbing Elisa overpowered his other feelings. He took a
breath and answered calmly, “Sure.” Will smiled and said nothing else. They each got into their cars
and left at the same time.Elisa saw the scene unfold from her balcony. Once their cars were out of
sight, she looked away and closed the curtains.Then, she went for a bath before going to
rest.Everything had developed as she anticipated, and she was pretty satisfied with it.On the other
hand, Gareth and Will were not happy with their situation.Gareth had no desire to eat with Will, but he
believed that if he did not do this, Will would look for Elisa again.As he pondered this, his phone
rang.Gareth answered the call and heard Thomas’ voice.“Mr. Wickam, it’s about time. Should I pick you
up?”Gareth furrowed his brow.He answered immediately, “Cancel it.”Thomas was stunned. “Cancel
it?”Didn’t he agree to it previously? I thought he was happy with the collaboration. If he cancels the
meeting now, it won’t be easy to collaborate with them in the future.“Yes.”Thomas was astounded. “Mr.
Wickam, do you have something later? This project…” “I’ll be having a meal with Will.” Gareth’s
expression remained the same as he drove.Thomas was confused. “Do you mean Mr. Darcey?”Is this
a joke? He and Mr. Darcey are enemies. Why are they having a meal?Gareth frowned and said,
“Anyway, find a way to deal with it. I’m hanging up.”He hung up right after saying that.Thomas was
dumbfounded.Mr. Wickam has a dinner appointment with someone he regards favorably. But what’s
going on here?Why is he suddenly having dinner with Mr. Darcey?They have always been enemies.…
Meanwhile, Will also received a call.Like Gareth, he also had an important matter to attend to tonight.
Initially, he planned to leave after sending food to Elisa.However, he was worried that Gareth would
spend more time with Elisa. Thus, Will was unable to attend his appointment with his business
partner.Instead, he and Gareth went for a late meal that night.Even the customers in the restaurant&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;were shocked to see them together.Is something wrong with my eyes?Am I seeing Mr. Wickam and Mr.
Darcey having a meal together?Does this mean the rumors are fake, and they are actually friends?…
Meanwhile, in the psychiatric hospital, Linda was in her room as usual while Rose absentmindedly
stayed by her side.Something serious had happened at home, but Rose did not mention anything
about it to Linda, fearing she could not withstand the blow.However, even if Rose did not say anything,
it did not mean Linda was unaware. Linda looked at Rose and asked, “What’s wrong with you these
days? Why do you always seem nervous? Has something happened outside?”Rose immediately came
back to her senses and shook her head. “It’s nothing.”“Are you sure?”
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