Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 648

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&#lt;p&#gt;Then, a tall man in a royal blue suit came out of the car and looked straight at Elisa.Elisa turned and
saw him approaching her, holding a lunchbox. Her expression sank. Why is he here?Gareth heard
Will’s smooth voice as soon as he opened the door. “Why are you back so late?”Gareth’s eyes
immediately turned cold as ice.Elisa replied calmly, “I had something to do. What brings you here?”“I
came to see you.” Will smiled gently.Gareth looked at Will coldly. “It’s late. Don’t you think it’s
inappropriate?”Will was not surprised to hear Gareth.After all, he recognized Gareth’s car.Will narrowed
his eyes slightly but maintained his elegant smile. “Mr. Wickam, you’re here too. What a
coincidence.”Gareth shot him a stern and intimidating glance. He could not be bothered to answer
Will.However, that did not dissuade Will at all. He smiled at Elisa. “You must be tired after working the
whole day. I brought you supper. It’s something you like.”He offered the lunchbox to Elisa, but she
frowned and had no plans to accept it. How would he know what I like?At the same time, Elisa felt the
temperature around her dropped.Gareth looked at Elisa sternly. “You should head in.”Elisa glanced at
him before turning to Will. “I’ve already eaten. Still, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Anyway, it’s late. I
won’t invite the two of you in. Let’s gather some other time.”After saying that, Elisa took her beg and
left. She had no intention of staying and chatting. However, Will stopped her. He looked at her with his
usual gentle smile. “You should take this.”In an instant, Elisa felt a piercing gaze behind her.Will
continued to smile gently. “Would you like me to walk upstairs with you?”Gareth snorted. “Mr. Darcey,
are you always so shameless when pursuing a woman?”Will chuckled and replied, “This is a matter of
romance. Mr. Wickam, you know nothing about love. Thus, don’t simply judge others.”Gareth was
rendered speechless.He pursed his lips and did not say anything. However, his expression darkened
threateningly.Elisa frowned and did not wish to accept the lunchbox. But she could see from Will’s
demeanor that things would be fine once she took it, and he would no longer bother her.On the other
hand, he would send it upstairs if she refused to take it now.Therefore, to avoid that and prevent more
trouble between the two men, Elisa had no choice but to accept the lunchbox and enter her
apartment.She had been busy, but now, she was determined to move out tomorrow.Will and Gareth did&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;not follow her. Instead, they stood still in their spots and watched Elisa until she disappeared.Then, the
two men regarded each other.Gareth looked at Will coldly and said, “Stop bothering her.”Will’s lips
curved into a smile. “Mr. Wickam, you have already given up your marriage with her. Thus, you should
know that some people or things cannot be recovered.”Gareth snorted and replied, “Mr. Darcey, you
should know not to talk nonsense.”His words did not affect Will’s smile. “It seems you can’t accept the
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