Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 647

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&#lt;p&#gt;Julia was reluctant to let Elisa go, but she had run out of ways to persuade her. “All right then. It’s late,
and I shouldn’t keep you here any longer. It would be best if you headed home soon. It’s not safe to be
out so late.”Elisa nodded, but before she could say anything, Gareth said, “I’ll send her back. I happen
to have some work matters to discuss with her.” Elisa frowned and was deeply against Gareth’s
offer.However, she remembered they would have to work together soon. He might need to instruct her
on some work matters. Thus, she did not refuse. Julia was surprised and wanted to say something. But
she saw Elisa’s expression and kept quiet.Elisa smiled at Julia. “Grandma, I’ll be leaving first.”“Sure,
come and see me again when you’re free. You don’t have to come when you’re busy with work. You
should prioritize work.”Elisa smiled and nodded. “All right. I understand.”After exchanging a few more
words, Gareth and Elisa left together.Gareth had parked his car in the yard. Julia stood at the door and
watched them. Gareth walked to the front passenger’s side and opened the door for Elisa like a
gentleman.Elisa was frustrated. She did not want Julia to worry, so she had no choice but to enter the
car.Gareth glanced toward Julia. “You should go back into the house.”Julia refused to move. “I want to
see you and Elisa off.”Elisa’s lashes fluttered as she recalled a video she saw recently of grandparents
watching longingly as their grandchildren leave.Presently, Julia reminded Elisa of the grandparents in
the video.Elisa looked down and felt conflicting emotions in her heart.She regarded Julia as her real
grandmother. Gareth did not say anything but entered the car and closed the door. He then started the
engine and drove the car away.Elisa glanced at the rear-view mirror and saw Julia still watching them
longingly.Once the car left the manor, Elisa turned to Gareth and said calmly, “Do you have some work
matter to talk to me about? If not…”Gareth interrupted indifferently, “I have no reason to lie to
Grandma.”Elisa was surprised to find that he was telling the truth.She paused briefly before asking,
“What did you want to tell me?”“Let’s send you home first. I need to use the computer.”Elisa frowned
slightly. “It’s very late and inconvenient for you to send me back. I can get a taxi over here. You can go
home and use your laptop to discuss the matter with me.”Gareth’s expression turned cold. He knew
what Elisa meant.However, he did not reply to her and continued driving.Elisa frowned slightly. “Can&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;you let me off here?”“It’s not safe for you to be outside alone.”Elisa’s eyes flashed with mockery, but
she suddenly recalled Julia’s words about how unsafe it was for a girl to be out alone. Thus, Elisa
believed Gareth was concerned that something would happen to her. Then, he would not be able to
answer his grandmother.Therefore, Elisa decided to shut up. It was pointless to say anything.No one
spoke for the rest of the journey.The car slowed down to a stop outside of Elisa’s apartment. Elisa
undid her seatbelt and turned to Gareth. “Thank you for sending me back.”Gareth’s expression was
calm as he undid his seatbelt.At the same time, there was a black Maybach parked nearby.The door at
the Maybach’s driver’s seat suddenly opened as soon as Elisa stepped out of the car.
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