Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 646

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&#lt;p&#gt;Others would have looked at Julia strangely if they had heard her.Only Julia would dare to say such
words to Gareth. How would anyone else dare?Was Gareth an unwanted bachelor? No way! If all the
women who desired him lined up, the line would extend beyond Bayswe and into many
provinces.Numerous women were desperate for a chance to marry Gareth. However, Gareth paid no
attention to them.Julia looked at her grandson and asked worriedly, “How’s the situation in the
company?”Elisa kept mum.Gareth answered calmly, “Everything’s fine. The other side gave up when
they reached the final layer of security.”“They gave up at the final layer? They broke through nineteen
layers only to give up at the last one?” Julia found the matter strange.“Yes.” Gareth did not feel like
explaining the matter. “Grandma, you don’t have to concern yourself with matters of the
company.”“Hmph, I’m just curious. Whether the company goes bankrupt has nothing to do with me. I
would rather return to when we were poor. At least our family was warm then.” Julia did not care about
money. She only wanted her family’s company and warmth.Unfortunately, it was an impossible dream,
and Julia had given up on it.Elisa smiled and held Julia’s arm. “Grandma, shall we walk a little
more?”“Sure.” Julia did not wish to speak to her grandson anymore. She held Elisa’s hand and walked
ahead. At the same time, she did not forget to say, “You should leave if there’s nothing else. Elisa and I
would like to have a walk. Your presence is bothering us.”Gareth was rendered speechless.Elisa could
not help but be amused. Her eyes crinkled slightly as she smiled.Gareth could not resist looking at her.
Julia turned and noticed how Gareth was looking at Elisa. Her eyes flashed with surprise.Is my
grandson serious this time?Does this mean he wasn’t lying to me?However, Julia was not
sure.Previously, she thought her scoundrel of a grandson was up to something. But now…Suspicion
flashed across Julia’s gaze.Elisa suddenly noticed the strange atmosphere. She held Julia’s arm and
said, “Let’s walk ahead. I haven’t been to this side of the garden for a long time.”“Haha, sure. Let’s
go.”Julia glanced back at Gareth with conflicting emotions.Gareth did not say anything.He saw the way
his grandmother looked at him and noticed the emotions in her eyes.You are a good-for-nothing
grandson.You deserve this.It’s too late to regret.It wouldn’t have come to this if you had treated her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;better.Gareth pursed his lips and followed them quietly.Elisa and Julia were chatting happily before him.
Gareth was a man of few words, but at this moment, he believed that even if he were a good talker, he
would probably still be unable to join their conversation.After walking for another twenty minutes, Elisa
was worried that Julia would be too tired and suggested resting.Julia was happy to do anything Elisa
wanted. Elisa had been coming to see her quite frequently. It made Julia feel much younger and walk
with spring in her steps.Even after walking for a while, she was not tired at all.“Liz, I think it’s getting
late. Why don’t you stay here for tonight?”Elisa’s eyes flickered slightly. She smiled and shook her
head. “Grandma, I can’t. I still have documents left at home. I need to bring them to the company
tomorrow.”In actuality, that was only an excuse. She did not want to stay the night here.
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