Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 615

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa looked away. “It’s fine. Take a look at what you want to buy.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa looked away. “It’s fine. Take a look at what you want to buy.”The two of them had spoken because
of Gareth. It was only logical that Elisa didn’t want to have too many intersections with her.That’s right.
It was Nicole. She was standing with another girl as they listened to the shop assistant recommend
lingerie to them.And now, Nicole wasn’t interested in what the shop assistant had to say. Her attention
was on Elisa.Seeing another shop assistant lead Elisa and Rachel to the east corner, Nicole made her
way to them.“What a coincidence, Ms. Benett.”Elisa slowly turned. Seeing Nicole look at her smilingly,
her lips curved slightly. “Ms. Tabor.”If Nicole hadn’t said anything to Elisa, Elisa wouldn’t have taken the
initiative to greet Nicole, but now, she couldn’t be rude.Moreover, nothing had ever happened between
them, but Elisa wanted to avoid Nicole because of Gareth.Rachel’s gaze also fell on Nicole, and envy
streaked across her eyes.Rachel had previously seen Nicole on the television screen. She used to
think that camerawork made Nicole look beautiful.But now, from the looks of it, she didn’t look the least
bit inferior in person to how she did on screen.Ah.Why was everyone around Rachel gorgeous?Her
self-esteem suddenly plummeted!Nicole’s best friend walked over as well. Seeing Elisa and Rachel,
she smiled and nodded at them before her gaze fell on Nicole. “Nic, why did you suddenly come here?
Aren’t you going to buy anything?”Nicole smiled. “I’m in no rush. I’m just chatting with some old friends
I met.” The shop assistant was clear about Nicole’s identity, and she didn’t dare to show displeasure.
She could only stand at the side politely, waiting for instructions.Elisa lifted her eyes slightly. Seeing
Nicole carefree, relaxed, and easygoing, Elisa didn’t feel good about Nicole, but she didn’t dislike
Nicole either.Perhaps it was strangers coming together by chance. Nothing much happened.But she
was well educated. The way she spoke was likable, and it made a good impression on others.Like now,
Rachel had a pretty good impression of Nicole.Nicole looked at Elisa and said gently, “Since we met by
chance, would you like to have lunch together?”Nicole’s best friend looked at her, puzzled. What is Nic
doing?She had never taken the initiative like this, and many people knew that she liked Gareth.And&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa’s identity was a little awkward. She still had an unclear relationship with Gareth until now, but Nic
was going so far as to get close to her.Something was fishy.Elisa smiled. “I’m sorry, I have some
personal matters to deal with at noon, and I can’t get away.”Rachel stood at one side and didn’t say
anything.Nicole seemed to sigh in regret. “Since that’s the case, let’s have a meal together next time.
You can’t turn me down again, Ms. Benett.”Elisa smiled. “Alright.”Nicole didn’t say anything and
continued browsing lingerie with her best friend.Elisa looked at Rachel. “Let’s continue looking.”Rachel
looked at Elisa suspiciously. “Both of you…”Elisa’s lips curved slightly. She didn’t plan on elaborating
with the shop assistant on one side.The shop assistant was tactful. Everyone who came to the shop
today was famous. She had been envious of the shop assistant who was assisting Nicole and never
imagined that she also met someone amazing.
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