Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 611

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&#lt;p&#gt;After she was done with one level, she sent Norman proof.After she was done with one level, she sent
Norman proof.He was instantly happy and paid for the second level in the link that Elisa had sent.After
waiting for around an hour, she conquered the second level. He was overjoyed and paid for the third
level.In the afternoon, he sent Elisa five hundred million!Meanwhile, Elisa was taking it easy. She didn’t
need that much time to crack it, but she did it so that his waiting would be torturous. Furthermore, she
didn’t want Norman to know how easy it was to crack.At night, Elisa sent proof of another successful
level breach.She added text.— ‘That’s all for today. We’ll continue tomorrow. Remember to prepare
your money. Credit is not allowed.’Norman’s expression changed slightly. Credit wasn’t allowed.He had
transferred so much, but he didn’t have two billion on hand… The main point was that at the beginning,
he never thought that Elisa would be so fast.Where… should he get the money?Just as he was at a
loss, he suddenly remembered the two real estate items he had purchased recently, as well as some
money with Rose.At the next moment, he immediately made a call to his assistant.“Sell all the houses
under my name and get someone to help me move back to my old house.”His old house had belonged
to Nelson Benett, and it was the house that they had returned to Elisa previously.His assistant was
slightly puzzled. “Mr. Benett, what do you…?”“Just do as I say.”“But… the keys to your previous house
have been returned to Ms. Elisa.”Norman’s expression stiffened slightly. In an instant, he furrowed his
brows tightly. But he thought of how he would have endless wealth when he successfully got hold of
Gareth’s classified information. When that time came, no one would be able to stop him…Thinking
about it, he gritted his teeth at once. “Rent a house with three bedrooms and one living room. A decent
environment and surrounding area will do.”The assistant had a suspicious expression. “Do you… mean
it?”“Yes!”“Alright. I’ll do it right now.” The assistant didn’t know what was going on with his boss, but of
course, he had to obey Norman’s instructions.…At Wickam Group, they naturally noticed it when their
fifth level of security was breached.At that moment, the IT department was working overtime. They had
previously ridiculed the IT department of Twitter for working overtime and thought that those people
chose the wrong jobs, unlike them, where they had it easy. As long as they put barriers in place, there&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wouldn’t be theft. After all, with Wickam Group’s reputation, who would have the nerve to pull the tiger’s
hair?But now…!They were going mad!Who is it? Who is so unbelievable?!Who can breach five levels
of security in one afternoon?At that moment… they were reworking frantically!And this matter caused a
sensation in the Wickam Group. When Gareth found out about it, his expression was unbelievably
cold.Endless cold sweat was pouring from the heads of the IT department. Someone wiped their cold
sweat while they trembled in fear and said, “Mr. Wickam, only The Three Musketeers have the skills to
go up against our technology.”Edgar’s gaze became sharper in an instant. “Investigate.”He wanted to
know who these three people were!It could be said that everyone in the IT department was drenched in
sweat…That group had better skills than they did. How could they investigate?They couldn’t! But their
boss was livid. Who had the nerve to say no?
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Chapter 611
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