Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 610

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rose was afraid that Norman wouldn’t read it carefully, so she read it aloud.
&#lt;p&#gt;Rose was afraid that Norman wouldn’t read it carefully, so she read it aloud.“There are twenty levels of
passcodes on this software. Every layer requires a nine-digit number, and you have to pay for each
level. If the breach is unsuccessful, the money is non-refundable. Click to pay and agree to the terms
and conditions to continue.”Rose gritted her teeth. “Look at this. This is sucking you dry!”“Twenty levels
will cost two billion. If they intentionally end it at the nineteenth level, what are you going to do?” Rose
was irked and continued, “Do you know what kind of presence Wickam Group has? Aren’t you afraid
that they have connections with Wickam Group?!”“I’ve looked it up. They’ve never worked with Wickam
Group.” Norman sneered, and his eyes were filled with contempt.Rose laughed in rage at the idiot.
“Don’t you know that they are hackers? How were you able to look it up?”“What do you know, woman?
Everything must be done in private and not out in the open, unlike you. Stay out of my business, and
don’t interfere anymore! Go and keep Linda company.”Rose shook her head in disbelief and frustration.
She slowly said, “You’re mad! You’ve gone insane! Don’t you know what’s waiting for you if Wickam
Group finds out about this? And how do you have so many liquid funds to transfer to them right now?”“I
said, keep your nose out of my business! Leave now!” Norman got up in a rage and pushed Rose
out.“Norman Benett! You’re crazy! You can’t go on like this! You can’t!”“I can afford two billion, and I’ll
own up to it. Get lost right now!” Norman closed the door after that while Rose knocked furiously. “Open
the door!”“Scram! Beat it if you don’t want to be disgraced!”Rose knocked on the door several times but
to no avail, and she couldn’t say anything while she was outside. She could only leave disappointedly.
The worry in her heart grew. Since she found out about it, her eyelids had been twitching non-stop.As
for Elisa, she sat behind her computer desk in a good mood after receiving Norman’s funds.Scott and
Kyle could naturally see her reply from the back end.—Kyle: ‘Yeah, doing that would be great.’—Scott:
‘Be careful. Don’t let him find out, Liz.’—Elisa: ‘Mm. I will be discreet. Don’t worry.’She sent a meme
after that.—Kyle: ‘Haha. I knew that you didn’t have good intentions when you accepted this job. I&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;never thought that you would go such a route.’—Elisa: ‘Of course. Norman has taken so much money
from the Benett family. I have to make him spit it out bit by bit.’—Scott: ‘Mm. That’s pretty good. When
you reach the twentieth layer, tell him that you failed. If he dares to say anything, we’ll take care of
him.’When Elisa saw that, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.—Elisa: ‘Alright. I’ve turned bad after
hanging out with both of you.’Kyle and Scott each sent a funny picture, and Elisa laughed lightly before
she placed her cell phone down.She had finished her work in the morning, and she was now going to
uncover Wickam Group’s secrets.She moved precisely and efficiently with her excellent skills. Even if
she cracked a level, those at Wickam Group didn’t notice.It could be said that Elisa cruised around
Wickam Group’s confidential information without being detected.
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Chapter 610
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