Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 606

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&#lt;p&#gt;Seeing the caller display, she answered the call.“Ms. Golding.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Seeing the caller display, she answered the call.“Ms. Golding.”“Mm. How are you recovering?”Anita
had visited her when she was resting at home.The two of them had kept in contact.Elisa smiled. “Mm. I
came back to work today.”Anita’s brows furrowed slightly. “Can you go back to work in your
condition?”“It’s no problem. I can attend to your case at any time. Just call me.” Jean answered with
ease.Anita sighed. “That side is still looking for opportunities to drag it out. They even stopped me from
submitting evidence, but the court has set a date for seven days from now.”Elisa nodded. “No
problem.”“I can only count on you, Liz. My son’s custody can’t be taken away again.”“Mm, I
understand. Don’t worry.”The two talked for a while more before they hung up, and Elisa resumed her
work.The company started to go ahead with various aspects because she was at work.Linda was still
at the mental hospital and couldn’t be discharged. It was her temporary refuge but also a prison.Elisa
started to work.The morning passed quickly.Ten minutes before her lunch break, Elisa’s cell phone
suddenly rang.—Kyle: ‘Are both of you free in the afternoon? Do you want to eat lunch together?’This
was her hacker group chat. They would talk to each other from time to time. As for jobs, the other two
worked on them and made allowances for her. Sometimes she would feel bad and take a few of them.
—Elisa: ‘Where?’—Scott: ‘Sure.’ —Kyle: ‘The restaurant beneath Liz’s office. I’m already here, so I’ll
order food first.’—Elisa: ‘Alright.’—Scott: ‘Okay.’During her lunch break, Elisa went to the private room
of the restaurant.Kyle was the only one there.He sat on a chair, and he wore simple, gray sportswear,
looking exceptionally cold.But…After interacting with him, she knew that he was only like that on the
surface. Kyle would only be earnest with people close to him and people he cared about. He was
always cold and cheerless to outsiders. He had no intention of maintaining a good impression on
them.However… those he cared about, both family and friends, would have the blessing of three
lifetimes.Kyle was good-looking. He wouldn’t be inferior even if he stood next to Gareth and Will. His
deep eyes, in particular, were fatally attractive to many young women.That’s right. They were like&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;moths to a flame. Women who fell in love with him would come to no good because he wouldn’t be
moved by anyone.When he saw Elisa, he put down his cell phone and tapped his bony hand on the
table. He smiled at Elisa gently, “That was pretty fast.”Elisa smiled and nodded. She sat down two
seats away from him.“You were so considerate by intentionally choosing a place so near me. It would
be too much of me to be any slower, wouldn’t it?”“Pfft.” Kyle raised his brows. “When did you become
such a smooth talker?”Elisa laughed gently. “What can I do? The world is like that, so I can only be
slick and sly.”Kyle was exasperated. He sized up Elisa and said, “You lost a lot of weight.”Elisa’s lips
curved a little. “You should praise me for keeping in shape.”After that, the door of the private room
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