Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 599

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth unlocked the door and said, “Get out of the car.”Gareth unlocked the door and said, “Get out of
the car.”Elisa’s eyes fluttered. She didn’t want to move – she had a deep conflict with this place. She
rather sat in this car, even though it was Gareth’s car.Perceiving no response from her, Gareth got out
of the car and walked to the other side to open the door of the passenger seat.However, Elisa was still
reluctant to get out of the car, so Gareth blurted again, “Get out.”Elisa stared at the man in perplexity
with a frown. “Why did you bring me here?”“Don’t you want to come back to visit? It has been a while
since you came back.”Come back. Gareth used this phrase with a profound intention.Elisa instinctively
knitted her brows as a strong impulsion arose in her. “I don’t see a need to come back. I don’t belong
here.”“Get out of the car.” Gareth’s tone became more stern.Elisa wore a sullen look. The car didn’t
belong to her, and she couldn’t keep staying in Gareth’s car, so she did as she was told.“So, why on
earth did you bring me here? Do you think you can stir me emotionally? Or, you’re just this childish?”
Despite saying that, Elisa had a hunch that Gareth had other intentions.Gareth darted a cold glance at
her, but his expression remained indifferent and wasn’t as fierce as before.The sky gradually got dark,
which made it harder to perceive Gareth’s expression. At the same time, his eyes turned more
complicated.This time, Gareth didn’t bother to wait for a response from Elisa but swiftly grabbed her
wrist before she could dodge. Elisa was frustrated because she couldn’t break away from Gareth.
Damn it! My physical strength is no match for this man.Seeing that Elisa still remained still, Gareth
furrowed his brows as if he had lost his patience. “Should I carry you in?”Elisa was dumbstruck. Her
eyes were filled with resentment, yet she couldn’t break away from him no matter how hard she
tried.On the other hand, Gareth controlled his strength well so that he wouldn’t hurt Elisa even though
he was gripping her wrist.“Gareth Wickam! Do you know how detestable you are?!” As soon as Elisa
yelled that, she could feel the atmosphere tense up instantly.Gareth stood at the spot and spun to face
the stubborn woman.Just as Elisa thought he would further provoke her, Gareth carried her in his arms
all of a sudden.Caught off guard, Elisa gasped, “Gareth Wickam!”She was afraid of falling, so she
subconsciously encircled her arms around Gareth’s neck.He had never carried her back then when&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;they were married, but now, he was actually carrying her in his arms! This was a scene that she had
once yearned for.Elisa got goosebumps all over. Her face turned livid with rage as she squealed, “Put
me down!”However, Gareth strode toward the building and didn’t give her any chance to break
away.Elisa was struggling so hard that she didn’t notice Gareth’s body stiffening.It was his first time
carrying her, and he had a warm sensation in his stomach carrying the delicate woman in his arms. It
was a sensation that he had never had! Frowning, he closed his eyes for a second. When he opened
his eyes again, he regained his composure.The villa had been vacant ever since Elisa left.When Elisa
entered the villa, a fresh scent wafted into her nose as if it was the remaining scent of the perfume she
had been using.“Put me down, Gareth! Are you nuts?!”
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