Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 595

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&#lt;p&#gt;“What is it?”“Gareth, please believe me. It wasn’t me!”
&#lt;p&#gt;“What is it?”“Gareth, please believe me. It wasn’t me!”Gareth frowned. “Do you think I’ll believe
you?”“You have to believe me. I really didn’t do it!” Linda was so agitated that her voice was
cracking.“Mr. Wickam, since the last incident, Linda has indeed become insane. These days, she’s
either depressed and rarely speaks or insists on communicating and explaining to you. Gareth, Linda is
a kind girl. She couldn’t possibly do things like that. You should know that…”At that point, Gareth had
lost his patience to continue listening to them. “Stop disturbing me in the future. My patience has its
limit.”With that, he hung up the phone. His patience was depleted, and he was tired of their acting.After
putting down the phone, he suddenly thought of Elisa again! He could even imagine Elisa and Carle
being lovey-dovey, which made his face darken at once.He pressed his temples in frustration and
attempted to focus on work. However, he overestimated himself. Ever since he knew about the matter,
his mind was a complete mess!Knitting his brows, he called Thomas and ordered solemnly, “Bring the
meeting forward. Inform the relevant parties to gather at the meeting room twenty minutes
later.”Thomas was startled, but he didn’t mull over it and quickly hummed in response. Thereafter,
Gareth hung up the call.Thomas was in a quandary. If he passed on the message to bring forward the
meeting two days earlier, the staff would surely freak out as they might not be prepared yet. As a result,
Gareth would likely get mad, but no one would dare to complain about him bringing forward the
meeting. Everyone was on tenterhook except Thomas. He knew Gareth was frustrated and wanted to
remain occupied, so the poor staff had to suffer in return.…After a long day, Carle finally left in the
afternoon. Actually, he intended to stay for dinner and leave thereafter, but Elisa asked him to go home
to rest and not worry about work. Besides, Sheena and Rachel were urging him too. He appreciated
their concern toward him, so he went home in resignation.The ladies were finally relieved after
watching Carle leave at the entrance downstairs.Sheena and Rachel didn’t plan to stay on either.
Rachel said to Elisa with a smile, “I’m leaving too, Elisa. Go home and rest earlier. It’s been a long day&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;for you. Don’t tire yourself out.”Elisa nodded. “I will. Don’t worry.”Sheena looked at Elisa and mumbled
concernedly, “It’s been a hard time for you, Elisa. Previously, I was rude to you because of Carle’s
matter. Please forgive me. I’ll learn to control my emotions in the future. I crossed the line last
time.”Sheena had spoken some harsh words to Elisa on the day Carle’s accident happened. She
apologized to Elisa after that, but she still felt guilty until now, thinking that she shouldn’t have behaved
in that way.Elisa smiled. “It’s not your fault. I was wrong too. We’re good, Sheen.”Perceiving that Elisa
held no grudge against her, Sheena was relieved and nodded in gratitude. “I’m glad you didn’t take it to
heart. Thank you for tolerating me, Elisa. I promise I’ll remain rational next time and won’t fly off the
handle. It’s not your fault either.”
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