Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 588

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa paused.It was Will’s phone.Will excused himself and picked up the call.“What’s up.”“Mr. Darcey,
Ms. Morgan came to the company to look for you. You’ll be interested in the current business
proposal.”Elisa overhead ‘Ms. Morgan’ and knew who that was instant.Miss Savannah, Savannah
Morgan.The Morgan Corporation is relatively well-known in the city. Although they were not as
prominent as the Darcey’s, they undoubtedly surpassed the Benett’s in terms of ingenuity.She has
exceptional talent, but she has had a crush on Will Darcey for more than a year.While Savannah is a
woman whom others would eagerly pursue, Will Darcey has never had any intimate contact with her
despite his image as a gentleman.The relationship has been mutual, but Savannah intends to pursue
him.The phone wasn’t on speaker, but Elisa had sharp hearing.Will answered calmly, “I’m not
interested.”Knowing that her CEO was not pleased, Cole paused briefly before reiterating, “I
understand, but this time… Miss Morgan has something you really should really hear.” Elisa feared
there were external factors that would change the course of their cooperation.Will had aces up his
sleeves.The man gave a nonchalant grin.She lowered her gaze.“I see. I’ll be back in two
hours.”“OK.”Will Darcey hung up the phone and turned to Elisa. He noticed her shifted gaze.Elisa
changed the subject, “We’ve got nothing left to discuss. You can go if you’re busy. It just so happens
that my friend is still waiting for me next door.”Will Darcey sighed, “It won’t feel right leaving you here.
It’ll bug me when I sleep tonight.”Elisa hummed.Will accessed the situation and figured Elisa could
defend her own court. He quipped, “Okay, you call Rachel over. I’d leave you two in peace.”Elisa
wanted to say something but settled with a farewell.Elisa has always been suspicious of Will’s
unnerving sincerity. It felt foreign to her.Yet…His reputation sometimes rubs her the wrong way. She
could now drop her guard. What if he turns around and backstabs her?But…His reputation precedes
him. He has never refuted any rumors and has been constant with his ideals with her. Elisa may be the
only woman he has allowed himself to be open with.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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