Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 586

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Elisa, do you know why the Wickam’s were onboard with your plan?”Elisa pursed her lips, “I know.”Will
passed her a fork, “Elisa Benett, you are your own greatest enemy.” He chewed on his steak, “I am
willing to help, but it’s for your own safety to stay away from Gareth.”Elisa reassured, “You won’t have
to worry about that.” She sliced her steak, “There’s no possibility of that happening.”Will maintained his
soft smile, but there was a new intensity in his eyes. Strangers would have found it intimidating.Elisa
was the outlier in this statistic.Rachel who was busy with her martini, downed her next glass. The
atmosphere turned cold, which the woman found intriguing.…Will’s eyes darkened but he remained
silent.Elisa sensed his threatening aura, “Gareth and I are done. That being said, I hope to maintain our
friendship.”Will churned the word, “Friendship.”The man returned a shallow smile, “We made such
progress.”He turned with a sullen tone.If Rachel were there, she would consider this man to be
charming.Elisa’s eyes moved, and she stared at him, “I’m sorry about what happened this
time.”“Actually, it can be compensated.” His eyes were fixated on the woman in front of him. He
remarked softly, “We can come up with another idea now that you forced me to forsake our
collaboration. What do you think?”That sounds risky.But Will Darcey feels that Elisa was vital because
of her expertise and skills.Besides, that’s the only way to be bound with her.Elisa’s gaze shifted as if
she were considering something.Will smiled, “I don’t require a special strategy from you. We carry it out
on our own, and we can still allow the Benett and Darcey group to work together.”“Are you serious?”“Of
course.” Will acknowledged the space Elisa needed.He just recently said that he wouldn’t allow the
resurgence of their previous connection. He seemed like he was going to cause problems, with Gareth
in the picture.But it now appears that this is untrue.Or does he intend to cease bringing it up in the
future and will do so for the time being?She remained silent.Will sighed, “Hey, I know you need
someone to back you for the sake of the Benett Corporation. You had no choice.” He adjusted his
napkin under the table, “Therefore, I refuse to stop you. However, if you give me a personal guarantee
in leaving Gareth out of the picture, I won’t disturb your business.”Will’s tone was drawn out. Slow but
strategic.Elisa breathed a sigh of relief, “Yes, Gareth and I have permanently ended ties with one&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;another.” She stared at her steak, “But Will, you and I are friends.”She would have to draw a line
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