Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 585

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa jested, “Where are you right now?”She heard the wheels of luggage, “Just got off the airport
nearby you. You can wait for me to get to you.”Will Darcey would be aware of how the issue has
evolved, but he has never intervened out of respect for her. Elisa is grateful for Will.Will’s intervention
may have completely changed the course of events. or those who were impeded would not be able to
succeed.“Alright.”With that, the two hung up.Rachel tutted, “Look at you, with Mr. Charming~”Elisa
smacked her, “What goes on in your head every day?”“Babes, I get your whole thing is staying
professional, but come on,” complained Rachel. “Will is an attractive man! He’s powerful, rich, and on
par with your standards. He’s like, the crème de la crème of rich, hot man.”Elisa sighed, “Can we focus
first on finding a rendezvous point? We need to pick a restaurant.”“Alright, alright,” quibbled Rachel.
“But I’m leaving you both to it. I’ll find some other private area so you both can…discuss.”“No, you’re
definitely joining.”Rachel said gravely, “We both know you have serious matters to discuss with him. I
can take care of myself thank you very much. I’ll pick you up when you’re done.”There was no
changing her mind, so Elisa gave a prompt nod.Elisa texted Will Darcey directions to a restaurant with
private lounging. As the pair entered the restaurant, Rachel scurried to another room. “I’ll be at the bar
if you need me. Call me if you need anything deary.”Elisa waved and watched Rachel head to the
bartender.Within half an hour, Will appeared.He looked around for her counterpart, “Miss Markee isn’t
here?”“She didn’t want to intrude on our conversation, so she waited for me next door.”Elisa was
comfortable to disclose her whereabouts with Will.Elisa ordered some drinks to pair with the present
meals.Will went ahead to freshen up before drinks were served. He saw Elisa’s change in weight as he
reclined on his chair. “You’ve gotten thinner. Are you recovering well?”Elisa nodded, “Yes, don’t worry
about it.”Will Darcey frowned, “What are you going to do with the Benett family?”“Patience is a virtue,”
answered Elisa. Her cryptic words worried Will.Will implored, “If you ever need help, I’m just a call
away. You’re never alone in this.”Elisa rubbed her hands, “You’ve been keeping your hands clean over
this drama, but I take you are aware of the new cooperation between the Benett’s and Wickam’s…”She
paused to observe Will’s reaction.Will stared deeply, “Benett.”Elisa pursed her lips, dreading his&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;response.Will sighed, “What should I do with you?”He sounded like a mother, doting but stressed.Elisa
was hesitant to answer the man in front of her.
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