Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 584

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&#lt;p&#gt;Linda sobbed, “I know! But she plays dirty!”She acknowledged Elisa could help her avoid being
questioned by the police.Because she has profound bitterness—even resentment from the depths of
her heart—for this woman.She can only regulate her emotions to a certain extent.“I’ll deal with her
sooner or later,” Norman vowed with enraged eyes.Rose Meek glanced at him momentarily but said
nothing. Now that she’s an adult, Elisa has led to ruin, and they always cave in. How do I go from
here?…The duo laughed as they got into their car, “Elisa, the audacity! You could have killed me! I
almost died laughing!”Elisa shrugged, “If she slips, the police will definitely hound her.”“So, do we
continue to monitor her? How long will she act insane?”“How can she?” Elisa sneered, “Exploiting legal
loopholes is inevitable, and because she is now doing well. If there’s any consolation, it’s better than
ending in jail straight away.”Rachel grinned, “Why not invite a whole party to her ward? That’ll be
fun.”Elisa smirked, “Let’s go back.”“By the way, about that whole visit,” implored Rachel. “You just
needed your uncle to give you that promotion?” “Was it that obvious?”Rachel: “…”That must not be it.
There must be another ulterior motive.“So, will you tell me?”Elisa smiled, “Not yet.”Rachel is obviously
unaware of another secret agenda, and Elisa doesn’t want to make her worry about it.Rachel nodded,
“Well, it’s accomplished. Norman will hand you that promotion soon!”Elisa shrugged and she wore her
seatbelt.Suddenly, her cell rang. She took her phone out of her pocket and was surprised.Rachel
prompted, “What’s wrong?”The friend did not recognize the caller ID.Elisa shook her head, “It’s all
good.”Elisa picked up the call.“Mr. Darcey.”The man sighed, “You’re always putting up a professional
front.”Elisa paused. Will whispered, “I’m back.”Elisa grinned, “That’s great news.”“Is it convenient to
meet now?”“Don’t you need rest?”Will Darcey smiled, “Seeing you is better than any rest.”Elisa’s lips
were pursed. Sooner or later, the Darcey Group will demand an explanation for the cooperation with
the Wickam’s. She cannot turn Will Darcey against her but will eventually have to disclose her new

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