Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 583

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&#lt;p&#gt;Linda’s pupils visibly dilated. She hung her head slightly.Elisa anticipated the reaction and looked
indifferently at her.Elisa mocked, “I’ll be pleased to assist you if my cousin wants to be that self-
deprecating.”There was a tinge of disappointment in Elisa’s tone. The remark did not play well with the
Benett’s.So, this is what she perceives!Elisa made it her mission to have Linda spend the rest of her
life in this mental institute.Rose made a bitter expression. She breathed, “Elisa Benett, how could you
utter such a thing? She is your sister!”“Strong prey on the weak because that is how the world is. You
will be discarded if you lack any abilities. Why is my cousin unhappy if she is exemplary? Why not
exemplify her? Sad and depressed.” She smiled sickly to her aunt, “Being disillusioned to conserve
what little happiness she pretends to have.”She turned to her cousin, “So, dearest cousin, don’t let me
down.” Elisa whispered, “Otherwise, one day, when you slip up, everyone will see right through your
cracks…”Linda had her hands clenched under the quilts.I’m going to kill this b*tch.To not expose her
anger, she lowered her gaze.“Do I detect some anger?” Rachel’s eyes flickered with excitement.Elisa
smiled, “That seemed to rile you up. You’re so pathetic.” Linda: !!!Ah!B*tch!The mother cried
indignantly, “Stop provoking your cousin!” She walked over to soothe her daughter, “Linda may have
closed herself, but she still has eyes and ears like the rest of us. Stop claiming there was a
reaction!”Elisa smiled, “Alright, I won’t bother you. I’ll take my leave.” She got up, “Uncle, as for the
company’s affairs, I’ll execute the arrangement when you give the green light.”Norman’s expression
darkened but remained stoic.The father was unable to rebuke the visitor.The moment the two tyrants
left; Linda cried. She smashed items off the coffee table.Even in her fit of rage, she dared not
scream.The people nearby would grow suspicious. The mayhem heard in the room gave the
impression that the parents were venting their anger to one another.The parents remained silent but
wished Linda would restrain herself.Linda mumbled under her breath, “She’ll never earn my
forgiveness.”The patient collapsed on the rubble she had created.Behind closed doors, at least, Linda
could release her rage.The parents did not anticipate the barrage of insults Elisa had prepared.What if
she continues her exploits in the future?Her mother spoke gravely, “Put aside the matter. There is only&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;one way I can think of to put it, Linda. Perhaps there will be more instances like this in the future, and
Elisa will show up to provoke you.”
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Chapter 583
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