Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 582

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&#lt;p&#gt;Having this much audacity to abuse my daughter with words!I won’t tolerate such a cruel manner!Elisa
peeled her gaze from Linda and glared at Mrs. Benett.“Aunt Rose, you’ve caused my dear cousin to
land in this tragic state. With your position, how can you upkeep her demanding situation? Time,
empathy, money…Things you’re currently dwindling.”“You…!” Rose held her tongue. Her public
perception is bad enough, she didn’t need Elisa having a hold of another scandalous recording. It
would solidify her as the villain for good.Curse you!This b*tch!The father who bore witness to Elisa’s
antics remained silent throughout the exchange. He broke that silence, “You’re here, so you can listen
to what I have to say.”Elisa anticipated what that elder would say, “Go on.”Norman informed calmly,
“The company’s affairs have been decided, and you will now be responsible for Wickam’s next project.
The Wickam Group will determine the commencement date.Rage surged over Linda. She could hardly
believe how Gareth was willing to collaborate with a woman he had divorced.The divorcee raised her
brow, “Dear cousin, it’s best to admit defeat and cover your losses. It’ll do you good.” She leaned back
in the chair, “Look at me. I’m happy as an elf.”Linda,”!!!”What does she want?! Is it some way to stroke
her ego? Is it to rub in her face that Gareth is siding her? What if they possibly end back together?This
tramp! An absolute wench!Linda was now plotting on becoming Elisa’s biggest adversary.Elisa grew
tired of provoking her cousin. She turned to her father and replied, “Mr. Benett, I will naturally cooperate
with the company’s affairs, but you can make arrangements based on my current performance. ”
Norman: …In a short period, Elisa completed five projects. Although they were simple and entertaining,
she needed help to advance. Eventually, she was given a promotion; otherwise, the business would
have become a laughing stock.Norman Benett could not refuse the proposal.He spoke indifferently,
“After you and Gareth have dealt with matters of cooperation, we can arrange this.”Elisa drawled, “By
the way, that little conversation you had with my cousin earlier? You should keep it under wraps.” The
lady crossed her legs, “Exposing that kind of information will have you targeted by competitors. With
you having firsthand experience on the company’s current situation, have you considered your
approach to displaying this toward the public eye?”“But, if you decide to leave, I can understand your&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;current strategy. This is just a little advice as a niece to you, a fellow board chairman. All in all, you
have the final say on how to go around your little predicament. ”Norman: !!!Elisa Benett!With her silver
tongue, I ought to have been more ready. The fact that she could say this earnestly makes me
sick.Norman did not intend to admit nor deny any factual evidence. He genuinely had no interest in
speaking with Elisa. “Are there any other matters to discuss?”Rose and Linda both lacked the
confidence to strike up a discussion with the whistleblower. The concern about being caught on camera
persisted. Linda continued exploiting her alleged despondency.Elisa chuckled as she observed the
three members of the household. “That will be all. Honestly, I came to see how cousin dearest is
doing,” she replied. “Seeing her current condition, I’m worried that she will find this place as her new
permanent residence.”
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