Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 580

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&#lt;p&#gt;Right after they’ve closed the argument, Rose’s cell phone rang.It was her assistant on the
line.“Ma’am, it’s Elisa. She brought over her friend and wants to see you.”Rose was about to curse on
the phone.“Figures. Let them in.”“Yes ma’am.”The father and daughter overheard the conversation and
shared a grim expression.Linda glared at her mother.“Why did you let that b*tch in?!” The bedridden
lady huffed, “The last thing I want to do is see her.”“I’m not going to hide my distaste for her,” cried
Linda. Elisa has branded her a pariah on the internet, with her antics to harm the woman.The police are
unable to draw conclusive evidence over the committed murder, but everyone online believes she
attempted to kill Elisa.They took advantage of Linda’s condition and based a lie online about her acute
depression and neurological issues. Knowing it is not practical for Rose Meek and Norman to make a
statement in the media, they decided to shield themselves with this publicity stunt.To top off the
damage, the Wickam’s have deemed her as ‘ungrateful, and selfish’. This does not help Linda’s case in
diminishing her anger towards her unwelcomed visitor.She’s indisputably peeved.Rose had to stare her
child off from acting upon her anger. She was equally uncomfortable over the newfound
situation.“Linda, bear with me. Your mother will try to resolve things quickly with our visitors.” Norman
growled, “Why is she here?”With the police having limited proof that she was involved with the case,
Linda is wary of Elisa’s reasoning for a visit. She acknowledges that Elisa is cunning enough to elicit
evidence out of them. If not, the woman could be hounding their allies. What other agenda is there?
Rose huffed, “We must cooperate as a family. Stay resilient.”The room became quiet. The silence
coaxed strong emotions within Linda.Her assailant has aces up her sleeve. She can’t afford to be
careless from now on.A knock on the door dispensed the silence.The people in the room halted in their
brooding as the mother stood up to answer the door.Seeing Rachel with her, Linda forced a smile. “You
guys are here.”With the growing suspicion of being recorded, they were mindful of their
mannerism.Linda was more cautious as she didn’t wish to be burned twice by her antics.Elisa nodded,
“I heard that Linda’s condition was turning serious, so I dropped by to visit.”Linda lowered her head to
stifle her hate.To avoid Elisa’s scrutiny, she looked down and paid no mind.I can’t deal with this woman&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;right now. If she keeps staring at me, I might strangle her on sight.Rose sighed, “Your cousin is alright.
Her condition hasn’t improved, and we don’t know when she will recover.”Elisa nodded, “What did the
doctors say?”Rose gave a helpless look, “The doctors are trying their best to treat her, but in this case,
it still depends on how willing her psyche is.” She sighed, “Maybe you convince her.”
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Chapter 580
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