Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 579

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa tightened her lip, “Rachel, I would just like to see my cousin. That’s all~”Rachel sneered, “You’re
hiding something, you minx.”Elisa quipped, “All right. Let’s go.”Rachel followed her with a smug look.…
In the ward, Norman was seen accompanying his daughter.Aunt Rose remained with her daughter all
the time because she was worried that her daughter would do something foolish. She had little trust in
a mental health facility.As the father arrived to deliver the news, both mother and daughter shared a
bitter expression.Linda, who had remained silent the whole time, spoke out. She seemed to lose her
patience, “Why! Why did you let Elisa go? What if she comes around and betrays us?”Rose hissed,
“You can’t give Elisa the upper hand. Do you know what happened the last time?”Norman laughed,
“This is your doing! You’re the reason of our downfall! Now you have the nerve to place
demands?”Norman initially visited to rant at Rose. Things got out of hand because this woman acted
irrationally and made countless foolish decisions. Wickam has been gracious over our plea, but why?
Rose frowned, “And I have to be the scapegoat for all this?!”“If it weren’t for your loose mouth flapping
all over social media, the Wickam’s wouldn’t have come for our necks! Do you deny having not caused
all that?” The old man rubbed his temple, “I can’t believe I fell for your words. ‘Don’t worry, I have a
plan’, no you did not! Linda’s position has deteriorated from your selfish interests!” “Interests! Interests!
In your eyes, you are the one who only sees interests!” Rose Meek was enraged. She had first
intended to control herself in front of her daughter, but as she caught a glimpse of Norman Benett’s
disgusted expression toward her, she started to unhinge.“Now, shouldn’t my daughter’s happiness take
precedence over your interests? And now, we have succeeded in salvaging the situation. Elisa being in
charge is what we must resort with.” The elder took a seat, “She’s not a person to mess around with
Rose. She’s tenacious, not to mention invincible with her supporters. Can’t you realize what this has
led to?”The man threw a fit, “This is utter nonsense! In this situation, do you think I really have a
choice?! Now everyone in the company is praying for my downfall! What else can I do?”Linda cried,
“You could have done something to prevent that wench with Gareth! No!”Rose glared at Norman, “I
know you’re in a stalemate, but you have to think about the consequences. Now…”“Forget it! It’s too&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;late!” The elder folded his arm, “My position in the organization is precarious enough. I will eventually
be fired if Elisa’s strategy can’t work with Wickam’s plan anymore. You are aware of how many
individuals our actions have offended? If not for my position in the company, they would have me
staked!”Everyone turned silent.I am aware what Norman said is true; but if we’re not careful, having
this little power left will attract sharks in the water.But now, the parties are not in agreement!Linda
pursed her lips, “How long will it take for those two to cooperate?”Norman said with a sullen face, “This
matter depends on how Mrs. Wickam. After all, she is our main philanthropist.”
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