Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 577

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&#lt;p&#gt;He eventually spoke once more while Jessie watched him, “Mr. Wickam, I was the one who went too
far this time. I… I’m truly sorry for what has happened.” The elder cusped his hands, “In doing so, I
hope you pardon Linda.”Norman lowered his gaze.The father was controlling his growing wrath with his
stakeholder.Gareth replied calmly as he sent a disinterested glance, “We can cooperate, but there will
be conditions imposed.”Jessie quickly expressed her gratitude, “Thank you, Sir. Do name
them.”Norman bowed slightly while not intending to add any opinions over the matter.Gareth stated
firmly, “Firstly, revenue. Wickam’s income will increase by 10%, and the time limit is tentatively set for
one year to achieve this.” The steely-eyed man raised two fingers, “Secondly, Elisa will be the sole
project manager to endeavor this strategy. Under the watch of the Wickam’s, of
course.”Norman,”!!!”This was mentioned during the previous meeting.Even though they have a lengthy
history of working together, business matters might sometimes fray some nerves.Nobody can sever
their differed agendas.What if Gareth had predicted that this is the Benett Group’s most significant
concession?Knowing the man, he knew that Norman would stand opposed to Elisa out of a sea of
people. He knew Elisa would stand to gain with the Wickam’s.Yet…The Wickam’s score a loss in their
books. Elisa stands as a recoup between forgiven transgressions and mislaying strategies. The fire
from the onslaught of public hatred has changed the game. With the possibility of confronting Elisa,
Jessie and Norman waved a white flag. They’ve gained a chance for redemption, and they can’t risk
having her on their wrong side. Norman’s exponent observed him and paused. The truth stands that
she has no power over the matter.Norman breathed a sigh and nodded, “Alright, young man. You have
my utmost gratitude for giving my wife a chance!”The deadline was tentatively established —one year.
The Wickam’s were advised to follow the strategy for at least a year or more. While that was
happening, they had to find ways to convince Mrs. Wickam of her forgiveness and be open to a
continuing partnership.So…I’m bounded by these circumstances.Jessie dispensed a sigh of relief. With
that note, Gareth calmly declared, “Thomas, you will head to Linda’s and finalize these two conditions.
If there is nothing else, this meeting is adjourned.”The man was not one to idle his time, so he would&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;dismiss individuals when he decided there was nothing else to say.Obediently, Norman and Jessie said
their farewells and departed.The moment they were seated in the car, Norman exploded. The elder
flung his hands, “Are you satisfied?”Jessie glared at him, “Do not point your finger at me! I did what I
could to salvage the situation!” She lighted a cigarette, “Instead of acting like a complete buffoon, I
negotiated. You absolute moron.”“Jessie Green! Have some respect!”“Respect?” The lady scoffed,
“Respect is a two-way street, my friend. Why are you acting like you hold the sole authority over your
precious company? She tossed away her high heels, “But you have one thing right, everyone will shun
the Benett Group, for now. Accepting your actions in the company’s downfall is the first step. Next is to
come to terms with what 10% means for the company, and Elisa.”
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