Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 576

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&#lt;p&#gt;He spoke in a frigid tone, and despite the calmness of his gaze, there was a hint of contempt. The
woman did not dare look him in the eye.Jessie nodded, “Yes, we shouldn’t have disturbed you, but…
Linda’s actions were excessive in this case, and we shouldn’t have involved Mr. Wickam just now.” She
took a step forward, “No, I came here with the chairman to make peace with you, and I sincerely hope
you won’t brush things off. Do not ignore us.”Jessie had the disposition for using foul language, but she
held her tongue in Gareth’s presence.Norman turned a shade paler. It was best he didn’t butt in during
their conversation.Nevertheless, he had already made his point when he arrived here today. Jessie
spoke, but he didn’t disclose his opinion on the matter. However, the older man was prepared to
provide an apology.But…Norman has made a wrong assumption about Gareth.The man before him
was prideful and showed no attention to their appeal.I can’t accept this kind of behavior. He’s human,
just like the rest of us.Gareth looked indifferently at Jessie, “Initially, your firm suggested ending the
cooperation.” He adjusted his cuffs, “But, now that it has been made public, continuing to collaborate
may seem… pointless.” Norman refuted, “Meaningless? How could it be meaningless? Think about
Linda!”Jessie rebutted, “Mr. Benett resisted expressing anything,” His advocate took a breath, “But,
deep down, he still wishes to work hand in hand.” Jessie sighed, “Additionally, it is Mr. Benett at fault
here. Please give Mrs. Benett a chance; she stands separate from his actions. Sir, what do you
say?”Jessie turned to Norman Benett.Norman simpered, “Gareth…”The man gave the elder a cold
glare. Mr. Benett then changed his approach, “I acknowledge my grave mistakes in the past and my
wife’s carelessness. Please, if you find somewhere in your good graces, let bygones be
bygones…”.Norman trailed his words at the end.He found it difficult to admit it.Gareth turned away from
Jessie and fixed his harsh gaze on Norman.Norman and Jessie exchanged glances. The party was
uneasy from the demeanor.Jessie decided to push through, “Mr. Wickam, I know your company has
been affected greatly, but we’re here to redeem ourselves. We hope to compensate in some way the
damage this family has made.”Gareth lowered his gaze and remained silent.Norman, on the other
hand, was seeing red.To be treated like this by some kid!I’m livid!&#lt;/p&#gt;

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