Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 575

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&#lt;p&#gt;James looked toward Elisa in confusion. Elisa stood up and said, “Mr. Markee, it’s a rare opportunity for
us to gather. Please stay for dinner.”“Haha. We can gather for a meal next time. You’re still recovering,
and I told my wife I’ll be back for dinner today. Come to my place next time when you guys are
free.”Rachel answered with a grin, “Sure. See you then, Uncle James. We shall catch up with you
soon.”James caressed Rachel’s hair lovingly and said, “You cheeky girl, pick up as much as you can
from Elisa, and don’t always loiter around.”“I’m very hardworking nowadays!” Rachel squealed proudly
while lifting her arms. “Look at my muscles. I’m currently Elisa’s private bodyguard cum
caretaker!”James laughed in spite of himself and shook his head in resignation. “Alright then, I shall
take my leave first. Go to bed early, girls.”“Okay. See you, Uncle Mark!”With that, James left, leaving
Elisa and Rachel in the house. Rachel gazed at Elisa with her eyes glistening. “Congratulations, Elisa!
You can finally snatch Benett Corporation back!”Elisa wore a faint smile. “We still have a long way to
go.”“What a bummer! You’re injured now. Otherwise, I would surely ask you to cook a feast and
celebrate with Sheena and Carle.”Elisa chuckled. “Are you craving braised pork again? You can help
me prepare the ingredients. I can cook.”Rachel shook her head. “Nah, let’s just rest. We’ll wait after
you recover.”…The next day, Norman and Jessie headed to Wickam Group. Yesterday, Jessie
contacted Thomas and was told that Gareth was only available today and had limited time. In other
words, Thomas was reminding them to cherish this opportunity. Otherwise, Gareth might not be
available to see them after today.After arriving at Wickam Group, they waited in the meeting room, but
Gareth did not show up after some time. Norman’s face gradually darkened, and there were several
times when he nearly threw a fit.In the past, due to his relationship with Linda, Gareth treated him with
respect and addressed him cordially, but things were different now. Norman felt extremely humiliated to
be given the cold shoulder. Doesn’t he think that cracking the whip like this is unnecessary and
boring?!Jessie gave Norman a look but said nothing, which caused the latter to settle down. Now that
Benett Corporation was in deep water, he had to admit his mistakes to Wickam Group.Norman took a
deep breath and tried to keep his shirt on.Around half an hour later, the door was finally opened.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Norman and Jessie glanced toward the entrance to see Thomas standing at the door. The latter
nodded to them with a smile and stood aside. The next second, a tall figure appeared in front of the
two. Gareth’s cold and hostile look was formidable, and Norman’s anger was dismissed at once when
he perceived Gareth’s imposing manner.All his bitterness vanished completely! His courage was lost
when faced with Gareth, let alone his firm attitude during the previous gathering.He instinctively stood
up with Jessie, who smiled at Gareth and greeted him. “Good afternoon, Mr. Wickam.”Gareth nodded
at Jessie and sat down on the couch without sparing a glance at Norman. “I have only limited time.” He
blurted coldly.
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