Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 574

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa sounded very serious. After attempting to persuade Elisa for a while, James realized she had a
point, so he stopped insisting and nodded. “Alright then, get busy with your agendas first.”Elisa smiled
and did not elaborate further, but she seemed to be at ease. On the other hand, Rachel sat at the side
and was flustered as she listened to their conversation. Am I too naive? Why can both of them always
predict the situation while all I can do is to listen at the side like a fool?After quite a while, Rachel finally
figured out what Elisa and James were talking about. As the two continued planning, she inhaled
deeply and blurted, “Wait a minute, so you guys still plan to collaborate with Wickam Group? And
you’re going to agree to Gareth’s conditions?”Elisa’s eyes fluttered as she remained silent while James
nodded. “Yeah. Currently, our foundation is not strong enough, so we can’t break away from Wickam
Group. Meanwhile, Wickam Group is keen on Elisa’s proposal. This is the only way to save our
company temporarily.”“But… It seems like we’re at a disadvantage. We didn’t intend to partner with
Gareth previously.”James smiled. “Not exactly. Norman’s reputation in the company is unfavorable, to
begin with, but due to his identity and the shares he holds, we couldn’t pick on him much. The incident
this time is his downfall, and his status is severely affected. During the meeting today, only one of his
allies spoke up for him. You can imagine how this would facilitate Elisa’s comeback in the
future.”Rachel’s eyes lit up at once. “Does this mean that Elisa will be able to establish her power
soon?!” She squealed in excitement. “Yeah.” James beamed from ear to ear. He was very satisfied with
the outcome of the incident.Elisa looked at James apologetically and mumbled, “Mr. Markee, this will
cause you to lose out on many benefits…”James smiled and answered, “Not at all. If Norman continues
leading the company, the company will only deteriorate more. Elisa, you inherited your father’s traits,
and you’re even more capable than your father, so I believe our losses can be recovered after you
become the leader of the company.”Her eyes were filled with complicated emotions as she nodded
solemnly. “I promise to lead the company to success in the future.”James smiled in gratification. “I trust
you. All of us trust you.”Elisa smiled. It felt great to be trusted, but at the same time, the responsibilities
were on her shoulders.“Elisa, are you afraid?” Rachel stared at her concernedly.Elisa smiled. “Nope. I&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;won’t back out. I’ll continue on this path step by step.”“But… you’ll have to collaborate with Gareth
next.”Elisa smiled with disdain flashing through her eyes. “If I don’t collaborate with him, he will
terminate the partnership with Benett Corporation.”James nodded with a smile. “Yeah. After
collaborating with Wickam Group for one more year, we can completely cut ties with them. I believe
Wickam Group will agree to partner with us for a year, too, for the sake of your proposal.”Rachel was
worried but still nodded in agreement.After hanging around for a while, James stood up and said, “It’s
getting late now. I shall excuse myself first.”“Please wait.”
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