Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 572

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&#lt;p&#gt;James said, “So, are you able to carry out the solution, Mr. Chairman? Since what has been done
cannot be undone, we can only think of ways to save the situation. I believe you know when to yield
and when not.”Norman was tongue-tied. These people are driving me to the corner!Jessie uttered
calmly, “The meetup this time is extremely important. It might be hard for you to lay down your dignity
and apologize to them, so I’ll accompany you to Wickam Group to negotiate with them.”From the
surface, it seemed as if Jessie was looking out for Norman, but in fact, she intended to supervise him
lest the negotiation was ruined again due to his ego.Surprisingly, the shareholders unanimously agreed
to Jessie’s suggestion. Jessie was a core member of James’ allies, so her words carried weight.On the
other hand, Norman’s allies were worried that Norman would back out, so it was desirable to have
someone as sharp-tongued as Jessie to keep an eye on him.Norman asked with a darkened face, “Any
objections?”There was no response. Everyone acquiesced to the proposal.Norman’s resentment was
accentuated, but he still spoke up coldly, “Alright then. Miss Green and I will head over to Wickam
Group three days later.”“Three days later?” Jessie scoffed. “Mr. Chairman, do you think we can afford
to drag on another three days, given the current situation?”Norman was dumbfounded. He needed
some time to be mentally prepared and observe the situation. If they were to go today directly, he
would be utterly ashamed!James nodded in agreement. “Yeah, three days later is too late. Mr.
Chairman, I suggest that you head over today. Jessie will contact Wickam Group.”Norman furrowed his
brows. “You…!” James continued, “Mr. Chairman, you’ve already caused a great loss to the company
due to the incident. All staff in Benett Corporation are awaiting a statement from you. Besides, we have
to lay our dignity down in order to reconcile with Wickam Group. Don’t you think that you’re the biggest
problem here? If the late chairman was around, we wouldn’t be in this state today.”Norman was so
infuriated that he was at a loss for words. However, all this while, he had been portraying himself to be
less capable than Elisa’s father. In the past, he would even deprecate himself to gain popularity. But
now, he couldn’t refute it in any way due to his ego.Norman inhaled deeply as he knew he couldn’t
possibly defend himself in this situation. Everyone stared at him and waited for his response.With his&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;face reddened, he uttered solemnly, “Go ahead and make the necessary arrangements, Miss
Green.”“Sure.” Jessie nodded in satisfaction.Eventually, Norman had to give an explanation regarding
the incident this time. However, due to his high self-esteem, he couldn’t possibly give an explanation for
all that had happened now. So, he could only provide a statement after a period of cooling down.
Meanwhile, everyone was focused on resolving the plight and didn’t bother to continue criticizing
him.…Elisa was resting in her room when her phone rang all of a sudden.“Hi, Mr. Markee.” She picked
up the call.James smiled gently and replied, “Hey Elisa, how are you feeling?”“I’m fine. Please don’t
worry about me.” Elisa answered in a soft voice.James hummed in response and asked, “Is it
convenient for you if I go over to visit you?”“Sure. I just hope I’m not interrupting your busy
schedule.”“Not at all. I’d like to talk to you about some company affairs too. Can I have your address?”
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