Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 573

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Of course. I’ll send it to you now.” With that, Elisa sent James her address via WhatsApp.James
smiled and said, “Thanks. I’ll head over now.”“See you.”After hanging up the call, Elisa came out of the
room to see Rachel getting up from her bed in the guest room. Obviously, she overheard the
conversation just now.“What’s up? Is my uncle coming?”Elisa nodded. “He’s coming to visit me and
discuss some matters of the company. I reckon the board meeting is over, and they’ve come to a
decision.”“Tsk. I bet Norman is denounced this time. I can imagine how spectacular it is – the great
chairman is criticized by majority shareholders! Norman’s look must be extremely gloomy!”Elisa smiled
and made no comments. The two continued chatting for a while until James arrived with some
fruits.Rachel received the fruits casually and seemed to be more comfortable. “Uncle James, half of the
fruits you bought this time are my favorites!”James laughed out loud. “That’s great. I have no idea what
your preference is, so I randomly picked some. I hope Elisa likes them too.”Elisa nodded with a smile.
“I do, but you don’t have to bring gifts next time, Mr. Markee.”“Don’t mention it. Your body is still
recovering. You need more nutritious food.”After having some small talk, the three sat on the couch.
After asking Elisa about her health condition, James filled them in on the company’s affairs.Rachel
burst into laughter and looked at Elisa. “I told you! Norman deserves collective criticism, but I feel they
went easy on him. Some might still be mindful of his status.” “Yeah. After all, he’s the chairman of the
corporation, so others might not dare to give many comments. Nevertheless, Norman’s status in the
company is greatly affected, which is advantageous for us.”Elisa curled her lips and said nothing.Just
then, Rachel had a sudden realization and gazed at James in shock. “Ah! Uncle James, you actually
expected them to go after the Wickams at the beginning but purposely did not stop them, am I
right?”James arched his brows and patted Rachel’s shoulder. “Ha! My niece is getting smarter.”“Hey,
what do you mean? I’m always smart!” Rachel wore a proud look.James smiled and looked toward
Elisa. “I’ve communicated with my people – we support you to snatch back the position of chairman, so
we didn’t stop Norman and his family from making those stupid moves. Moreover, it is expected that
Wickam Group would sooner or later end its partnership with us, so I’ve secretly set up a company&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;registered under my wife’s name. But it’s still at the initial stage and can’t completely split from Wickam
Group for now.”Elisa was surprised. “I didn’t expect you to have already taken this step.”In fact, she
was mulling over this matter the past few days too, but she needed time to set up a company
privately.Before this, her plan was impeded for a long time because of her marriage to Gareth, so she
didn’t want to waste more time now. Now that James had set up a company, it was a big help to Elisa
as she could save a great deal of effort.James nodded with a smile. “Of course. Now that you’re back,
I’ll transfer the ownership of this company to you so that you can manage it.”“No, Mr. Markee. Please
continue handling this matter, and you don’t have to pass it on to me. That part is not my main focus
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Chapter 573
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