Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 571

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&#lt;p&#gt;Norman was rendered speechless with a sullen look. At that moment, he had no words to defend
himself.James looked at Norman indifferently and said, “Mr. Chairman, at this point, the best and only
way is to bring your wife and apologize to Wickam Group.”No one opposed the suggestion – Norman
had even lost support from those who used to side with him.During times like this, each one’s benefits
came above everything else. Now that their benefits were at risk, Norman was nothing but a piece of
trash.True enough, a shareholder who was once Norman’s ally spoke up coldly. “We wouldn’t be
bothered if the opponent was an insignificant business, but it’s Wickam Group, our main collaboration
partner and income source. If we lost them as a business partner, given the current situation, who else
would dare to partner with our company? Anyone who collaborates with us would be going against
Wickam Group!”Another person nodded in agreement. “He’s right. Although Darcey Group and Wickam
Group are at daggers drawn too, Darcey Group has no business dealings with us. Neither will Tabor
Group possibly collaborate with us. What other options do you have if you refuse to apologize to
Wickam Group?”Norman’s face darkened even more. Of course, he knew that was the best solution
now, but he had already spat those harsh words. It would be humiliating if he went to apologize to the
Wickams now!Norman became more frustrated the more he thought about it. To make things worse, he
couldn’t retort to the shareholders as he realized his mistakes too. Back then, he had not expected the
Wickams to get back at him in the dark…D*mn it!Norman was exasperated being caught between a
rock and a hard place. “Mr. Chairman, we have yet to get a response from you. Is it because you’re
ashamed to apologize to the Wickams?” Jessie continued pinning Norman down.Finally, a shareholder
who still chose to bootlick Norman said, “Miss Green, don’t you think you’re being too
aggressive?”Jessie snorted. “I’m aggressive?”The shareholder replied, “Am I wrong? Mr. Chairman
can’t possibly hope to sabotage the company. Put yourself in his shoes, would you be willing to lay
down and surrender to the opponent?”Norman’s expression finally softened slightly, but James smiled
and commented, “We are a company and a team. We should discuss things among ourselves before
making any moves. Otherwise, the purpose of setting up a company will be defeated. It’s useless to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;explain it away – one has to bear the consequences of his actions. Mr. Chairman, do you think there’s
any problem with this principle?”At once, the sulky look restored on Norman’s face, and it was even
more ghastly than before.“Mr. Chairman, you have been remaining silent since just now. Do you have
any other comments?” Jessie glanced at Norman coldly. In fact, all the shareholders were annoyed at
the family’s reckless actions this time, but due to Norman’s identity, they didn’t fall out with him
directly.Norman took a deep breath and finally uttered, “Regarding the incident this time, I should have
been more prudent. However, I hope you can understand my situation. After all, I’m a well-known
businessman, yet the Wickams did such deeds to my daughter. If you were the parents, you couldn’t
just let it go either, could you?”Norman made an emotional appeal. But alas, his family affair was none
of the shareholders’ business, so they naturally wouldn’t empathize with him.
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Chapter 571
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