Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 570

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&#lt;p&#gt;Jeremy snorted, “Come on, be more sensible!”If the task was indeed dangerous, Gareth would go on
his own instead of asking Vincent.Only then did Vincent regain his composure, and he yelled, “What
the heck?! I should unfriend you guys! All you do is fool me like a monkey!”Gareth smirked and took his
wine glass to take a sip while Vincent flew off the handle and scowled at Gareth, “It serves you right –
just stay single forever! You never care about others, yet you’re wishing for Elisa to fall for you again?
In your dreams!”After saying that, Vincent stood up and pretended to go to the washroom as he was
afraid of being rebuked by Gareth.Jeremy grinned amusedly while Gareth cast a cold glance at Vincent
and had no intention of bothering him.After Vincent went to the washroom, Jeremy turned to face
Gareth. “When do you plan to tackle them?”“Nothing much has happened yet, hasn’t it?” Gareth replied
calmly as if he was unrelated to the matter.Jeremy lifted his brows and gave no response.Within these
two days, the incident had fermented on the Internet. After the Wickams’ denial, the Benetts released
more ‘evidence’ of Darren’s intention for Gareth and Nicole to get married.However, the Wickam family
promptly made clarifications and was able to prove that all evidence was fabricated by Rose.As such,
the Benetts’ several attempts to confront the Wickams resulted in the police’s more concentrated
investigation of Linda. Nonetheless, the Benetts were not pushovers and had successfully deceived the
public that Linda was indeed afflicted with mental illnesses such as depression and delusional disorder
due to prolonged anxiety.Due to this incident, the Benett family was at the edge of a downfall.Will had
asked Elisa privately if she needed help but was rejected by the latter. On the other hand, the Tabor
family naturally wouldn’t lend the Benetts a hand, while other business owners who were associated
with the Benett daily trimmed their sails. As such, no one was willing to collaborate with the Benett
family.The executives of Benett Corporation were driven up the wall. They were not annoyed at
Wickam Group but Norman and his family!In a meeting at Benett Corporation, everyone wore a sullen
look. Even those who supported Norman were infuriated as their resentment toward Norman had
reached its limit.Calvin, too, couldn’t take it anymore and questioned Norman in exasperation, “Mr.
Chairman, regarding the incidents that happened these few days, why did you allow your wife to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;confront Wickam Group directly without discussing it with us beforehand? Given the current situation,
does Mrs. Bennett intend to continue kicking up a fuss about it?”Frowning, Norman answered solemnly,
“After that incident, I’ve prohibited her from posting on Twitter.” Indeed, after the Wickams published
their clarification, Rose was left with nothing to retort to them. So, she focused on disguising Linda as a
person with a mental health condition as she was afraid that Linda would be sent to prison.Those who
sided with James showed no mercy. The sharp-tongued Jessie stared at Norman and probed him
coldly, “Back then, you didn’t obtain our consent before retorting the Wickams, which caused the
company’s stocks to plummet and jeopardized the company’s profit. How are you going to save the
situation? Are you able to compensate the losses, Mr. Chairman?”Norman’s expression turned
ghastly.“At this point, we should think of ways to solve the situation instead of keep criticizing me. Let’s
first focus on overcoming this plight before discussing what happened.”Jessie laughed out of her
madness. “Plight? Now, besides apologizing to Wickam Group and reconciling with them, what other
solutions do we have? You willfully went your own way and threatened to cease the collaboration with
them. Look at how they handle the situation now!”
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Chapter 570
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