Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 569

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth shot a fierce glare at Vincent.The atmosphere in the room turned cold at once, but the two close
friends were used to Gareth’s temperament, so they didn’t care at all and burst out in laughter.Vincent
even teased Gareth fearlessly, “Why that glare? Are you guilty because I hit the bull’s-eye? Bro, you’re
being a little too obvious. Although we grew up together since young, you can’t let me see through you
so easily. Please be more mindful of me as a single. Anyway, you’re so obsessed with her, but she
doesn’t seem to care about you.”As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed; but the
buddies found more joy in teasing each other and giving sarcastic comments.The atmosphere turned
even colder as if they were in an igloo. Gareth’s frosty voice came forth. “I’ve never seen a proposal as
brilliant as Elisa’s. I always make a clear distinction between private and public interests.”Vincent
scoffed, “You’re just in denial.”Gareth glared at Vincent coldly and ignored him.Perceiving Gareth’s
apathetic attitude, Jeremy narrowed his eyes and asked again, “Old Mr. Wickam plans to get you guys
engaged. What’s your view? The recording is incomplete.”Anyone could discern that it was a partial
recording that only recorded Darren’s comment, while comments from the other people were filtered.
So, Jeremy guessed that Gareth definitely didn’t agree with the suggestion. Otherwise, Rose would
release the complete recording unhesitantly.Before Gareth could reply, Vincent became amused and
chimed in, “You don’t have to ask the obvious. Our dear Mr. Wickam has yet to get over that woman. Of
course, he wouldn’t agree.”“Mind your own business.” Gareth’s expression turned more gloomy.
Vincent’s eyelid twitched involuntarily. He turned to look at Gareth with a frown. “Come on, what do you
expect me to do? I’m your bro, for goodness sake!”Gareth laughed out of irritation and blurted, “My
bro?”“Yeah. I’m your bro who would risk my life for you, yet you harbor evil intentions toward me! How
could you?!” The accusation in Vincent’s tone augmented toward the end of the sentence.Sitting aside,
Jeremy laughed in spite of himself. Indeed, old habits die hard – Vincent would always babble away
until Gareth taught him a lesson. In fact, the frequency of him teasing Gareth increased recently, but
the latter had been tolerant toward him.“What are you laughing at? You’re gloating at me again, aren’t
you?” Vincent knitted his brows and glanced at Jeremy in displeasure.Jeremy lifted his brows, “Just&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;laughing at your cuteness.”“What the heck?!” Vincent clammed up.Gareth looked at him coldly and
said, “I need your help to handle some affairs in Ebros.”“D*mn it! I refuse to go! Can’t you go on your
own? I’m a busy man too!”Vincent was upset and extremely reluctant, but Gareth gazed at him calmly
and said, “I can only rest assured if you head over personally this time.”Vincent laughed. “So, are you
begging me?”Gareth lifted his brows and did not answer, which signaled his acquiescence once
again.Vincent was appeased immediately. “Alright then, since you begged me. I’ll run the errand for
you; remember to reward me when I’m back!”“Thomas will send you the documents. I hope you can
make it back safe and sound.”Vincent’s smile faded instantly as he stared at Gareth with his eyes
widened. “What do you mean?!”
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