Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 568

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&#lt;p&#gt;Sharon’s smile stiffened as she gazed at her daughter in resignation. “Do you really like Gareth? After
all, he’s a divorced man.”As much as Sharon approved of Gareth being her son-in-law, she was torn
due to the fact that Gareth had had a divorce.However, Nicole was genuinely fond of Gareth, and the
marriage between the two families would bring countless benefits. Not only that, the other family
members were very supportive of Nicole marrying Gareth too. As such, Sharon was in a quandary
because Nicole only had eyes for Gareth.Although Nicole was shy, her attitude was firm. “I don’t mind
that he’s a divorced man. I don’t want to miss such an excellent man.”Sharon sighed and shook her
head in exasperation.Nicole continued scrolling through Twitter for a while before putting down her
phone. After hearing the recording, she became more determined about her goal.Perceiving Nicole’s
attitude, Sharon gave in and said, “Alright then, I support you since you’re so fond of Gareth. Don’t
worry too much about Elisa. It was her who brought up the divorce back then, and she’s now entangled
with Will, so she’s unlikely to get back with Gareth, not to mention that Gareth won’t possibly accept a
woman like her again.”Nicole frowned. Despite Sharon’s comment, she clearly remembered how
Gareth anxiously brought Elisa away during the previous banquet. Besides, the two people had not
completely cut ties with each other all this while…Worry flashed through Nicole’s eyes.…The sensation
on Twitter continued for the next three days. The celebrities who attempted to ride on this incident’s
coattail gave up eventually. Even some movies that were supposed to release during those few days
changed their schedules. The Wickam family and the Benett family had completely turned against each
other as they declared war. People who were associated with them started siding with either family.
Eventually, ……Meanwhile, Gareth was gathering with Jeremy and Vincent in a high-class club.Vincent
looked at the stone-faced Gareth and lifted his glass at him. “Your old man is going all out against the
Benett family recently. I assume you consented to it?”Gareth wore a calm look and appeared indifferent
while Jeremy laughed. “He’s the one who provided the evidence. He’s clearly supporting Old Mr.
Wickam’s action, let alone consent to it.”Gareth clinked glasses with Vincent and replied nonchalantly,
“The Benetts landed themselves in this situation. They’re not worthy of your sympathy.”“Bro, it seems&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;like you guys are getting narrow-minded this time. I’ve never seen the Wickams facing off with anyone.
If things don’t go your way, you would directly get rid of your opponent. What are you actually going
after this time?” Vincent asked with a cheeky smile while narrowing his eyes as he was clearly implying
something.Jeremy, too, gazed at Gareth and asked calmly, “Are you pressing on the Benetts?”Gareth
did not answer, which implied his acquiescence.Vincent narrowed his eyes and asked, “What’s your
motive for pressing on them? Is it for the sake of Elisa’s previous proposal?”Gareth continued
remaining silent and did not deny it.Jeremy wore a half-smile. “Is Elisa’s proposal really that
amazing?”Vincent chuckled. “That’s not his real intention. Of course, he has to secure her first.
Otherwise, she might collaborate with Will at any time, and the collaboration could go on for half a year.
Haha! I reckon our gentleman here is getting jealous.”
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