Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 567

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&#lt;p&#gt;There was a slight change in Linda’s expression when she saw the unknown incoming caller ID. Rose
snatched the phone over immediately and said, “I’ll answer this call. The assistant has completed all
the necessary procedures for you. If this call is from the police, I can put them off. But you have to
remember that from now on, you’re one with mental illness.”Linda nodded, signaling that she
understood.Rose nodded before answering the call. “Hi, I’m Linda Benett’s mother. May I know who’s
on the line?”There was a slight pause at the other end of the line before the caller replied, “Hi Mrs.
Bennett, I’m calling from the state police department. Regarding the pieces of evidence released by
Wickam Group, the detectives have started investigating the case, and we need cooperation from Miss
Linda Benett. Is she available?”Rose frowned and answered, “Mr. Detective, I’m sorry. My daughter
has nothing to do with this matter at all. Besides, she’s afflicted with mental illness now, so I’ve
arranged for her to transfer to another hospital. It’s not that we refuse to cooperate, but there’s not
much we can help now, given her mental situation. If you don’t believe it, please come and verify in the
hospital. You may contact me via WhatsApp, and I’ll send you the location.”The detective paused for a
moment and said, “I see. Allow me to communicate with my superiors.”“Sure, thank you. This is a false
accusation. I hope the authorities can emphasize investigating the Wickam family.”“Noted.”With that,
the call ended. Rose turned to look at Linda. “Don’t worry, Linda. The troubles will eventually be
smoothed away. No one can harm you! Even if they arrest me, I’ll not allow them to harm you.”The
emotions in Linda’s eyes changed, but she remained silent with her fists clenched. She didn’t say
anything because she refused to imagine what would follow next. At that moment, she was
overwhelmed with hatred. She hated Gareth to the core! I treated him the best I could; how could he
kick me in the teeth? I’ve never done him wrong from the beginning until the end. My love for him even
exceeded that for my parents. How could he do this to me? Why, Gareth? Why?!Linda abhorred Gareth
for his ruthlessness. Before this, he still pretended to be guilty and cared for me, but now… Ha!Linda
closed her eyes as she tried to keep her shirt. Meanwhile, Rose texted her assistant.‘Continue spilling
the tea!’In no time, it created a huge sensation on Twitter. The internet sensation was so impactful that&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Twitter’s website almost went down, and it placed the technicians in despair. Oh, dear big shots, can’t
you cease war already? We’ll burn ourselves out if these cracking scandals continue to overwhelm the
website!With that, heated discussions burst out on the Internet.At the same time, Nicole saw the tweet
posted by the Benett family and had heard the recording Rose mentioned. She could recognize that it
was Darren’s voice in the recording.Sharon Turner, Nicole’s mother, looked at her with a smile and
said, “How do you feel?”A faint blush appeared on Nicole’s cheeks. “Mom…”She was usually a calm
and shrewd woman, but she involuntarily became more tender-hearted when it involved Gareth.Now
that the recording was released, it was made aware to the public that Nicole was deeply in love with
Gareth.The recording did not include any rejection from Gareth because if it did, it would make the
Wickam family appear heartless. Nonetheless, Rose’s intention was exactly to project the ruthlessness
of the family!Sharon lifted her hand to tuck Nicole’s hair behind her ears. Her grin widened as she said,
“My daughter is outstanding, and our family background is in the same league as the Wickams.
Moreover, now that you’re in Old Mr. Wickam’s favor, I believe you’ll marry into their family sooner or
later.”Nicole flushed to the roots of her hair. “But I’m afraid that Gareth has yet to get over Elisa.”
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