Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 563

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa tried hard not to laugh.Rachel was unrelentless. She laughed aloud, “This man is just clowning at
this point. Hey, do me a favor. If he ever starts begging you back, just slap him. Although, I’ll be behind
you to capture that glorious moment on camera.”“You’re too much,” Elisa said. “This man is hopeless in
finding a wife.” Rachel hollered.But what if he did?Don’t be ridiculous, Elisa.A smirk crept on Rachel’s
smile, “To tell you the truth, I’ve noticed Gareth has been more attentive to you. No? Well, it was no
better than before. He would just straight up ignore you.” She retouched her mascara, “Don’t worry, girl.
You have all my attention.”“Well, there was a motive for his changed demeanor.” Elisa curled her lips. It
was more believable to have Mr. Darcey being serious with her than presume Gareth was even
remotely interested in her. Yet, even if he truly wanted to save her, she wasn’t against it. He did all this
for his mother’s sake, of course.She will never allow herself to be his personal fool again. Elisa had had
enough of her feelings being trampled by that heartless oaf.“Come on, Elisa. The Wickams and Benetts
are finished. There won’t be any truce coming.” Rachel couldn’t help but remember her time in the
hospital.“You know, when you were unconscious,” she sighed. “Gareth had ordered Jeremy Chase to
visit you on his behalf.”Elisa stared blankly at the car window.Beneath all the white lies Rachel had told
her, she knew her friend would tell her the truth when it counted.Gareth was one of those themes she
would never lie about.Huh.She was aware of Gareth’s motivation, but his pride forbids him from acting
in Rachel’s presence.Why is he doing this, then?Elisa appeared to be evaluating her actions for a short
time frame.“Elisa,” Rachel called out.She spoke gravely, “Hypothetically, if Gareth were to reconcile
with you, would you agree? Be honest with me.”Elisa pursed her lips, “Of course not. Why else would I
be this determined to end all ties with him?”Rachel’s eyes sparkled with uncertainty and a tinge of
concern.However, Elisa’s eyes were bright and clear, and she showed absolutely no signs of remorse.
Her friend sighed, “It’s good if you’ll be decisive, Elisa. I’m afraid with your history with him will be
clouded by your emotions again.” She tsked, “Don’t let that bastard play you like that again!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

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Chapter 563
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