Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 562

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&#lt;p&#gt;The recordings were the same ones Elisa had provided to Gareth.When Elisa saw it, she was a little
taken aback. She didn’t anticipate Gareth to uncover all this information about the assailant who tried to
drown her. She pursed her lips, “Seems like Gareth has some tricks.”Carle turned to Elisa, “Liz,
you…”Rachel and Sheena Gilio also looked at her one after another. Elisa looked at them a little
strangely, “What’s with that look?”Carle sighed, “It’s okay.”Sheena couldn’t help but chuckle, “Carle
Semoa was afraid that you would change your mind towards Gareth. After all, what he did this time can
be regarded as protecting you and helping you solve the case.”Elisa snorted, “You think too highly of
me.”Carle frowned, “Don’t say that.”Elisa smiled and remained silent. In Gareth’s eyes, she was
hopeless.“Mrs. Wickam must be the mastermind. She has always stood up for me. Knowing these
facts, she is understandably enraged. Seeking justice for me might be viewed as public exposure. With,
what took place earlier, the police will now definitely be involved. This can’t be kept
underground.”Rachel nodded, “Yes, there is a possibility. Mrs. Wickam has always been your secret
ally.”The group discussed, “Liz, you’d better head back and rest. I’ll just end up worried if you
don’t.”Rachel checked her watch, “Well, we are scheduled to stay here for an hour. Liz, it’s time. Let’s
go back.” Elisa mumbled, “Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”“No, in a few more days. I’ll be discharged from
the hospital then. You behave,” he grinned.Elisa rolled her eyes, “Very well.”Carle looked at her with
endearment.With a farewell, Elisa and Rachel left.After going out, the two of them sat in the car
together, and Rachel said awkwardly, “I didn’t expect to hide it in the end, but this… seems
better?”“Just let it go.” Elisa turned her head and looked outside, thinking about Lin’s affairs.Rachel
sighed and went home without saying anything.Now even after strapping their seatbelts, social media
was blowing up again.Paparazzi had gotten hold of the tweet.—TMZ: ‘It’s hot! It’s getting spicy! The
Benetts are in the hot seat with the Wickam family. Exclusive recording from the family!’—Daily News:
‘The Benett family: Are they traitors? The Wickam family was supposed to be the target of deception,
but they presented proof as retaliation.’—Buzzfeed: ‘Is it the end for the Benetts? The tea is steaming.
Do you think the Wickams are dragging in Elisa Benett?’Rachel was amused by the comments, “Look&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;at this one, Liz. Someone wrote that Gareth is finally realizing he’s been a huge fool. They claimed the
man is regretting not getting you back.” She scrolled further, “Here’s another. Hah, it’s a meme. The
caption just says ‘regret’ with his crying face.”
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