Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 561

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&#lt;p&#gt;Carle followed suit and opened his social media. He turned an impossible shade paler.Rachel looked
panicked.Sheena froze when she saw the post.The party grew silent.Carle turned away from them and
stared directly at Elisa with a troubled expression, “Liz. That person was you?!”Elisa became silent.She
had little use arguing now because the Wickam family had made their stance quite transparent.Carle
took hold of Elisa’s hand, “You were injured! Why did you make an excuse to come here?!”Even though
he had only just heard Rachel’s remarks, he already sensed that something wasn’t right because Elisa
hadn’t shown up lately. Previously, he had never seen Rachel working so hard.Now that he was fully
aware that they could only find reasons for Rachel to be busy—otherwise, they would find reasons for
Liz, and every court appearance she had would be covered—he would inevitably learn about it and use
this as an excuse.Carle was now worried, “Liz, you’re injured!”With the number of spectators, the
involved murder, and the severity of the collision —the controversy was inevitable. How could I be this
blind?Elisa retorted, “I’m fine. Do I look injured?” She gestured to Rachel, “Rach has been taking care
of me, so I’m in good hands.” “I never noticed! That disguise!”Carle’s head was now flooded with the
many possibilities Elisa could have met her demise.I’m so pathetic. I hate it…Elisa detected his guilt,
“Stop. I’m capable of judging a situation. Hey, we’ll come to visit you again. You behave.”Knowing her
temperament, Carle was helpless to change her mind. I need to be stronger for her.Elisa maintained,
“Let me see what the Wickams posted.”Sheena handed her phone, “I think the Benetts are in deep
trouble now.” She sighed, “Possibly even jail.”—Wickam’s Official:[In response to Mrs. Benett, our
company made the following response to provide evidence.1. Ms. Linda’s rescue of Gareth Wickam is
a scam.2. The Benett family canceled the cooperation on their own initiative.3. Chairman Benett and
his wife, daughter, and family have misbehavior. They plot against Mrs. Wickam’s granddaughter, Ms.
Elisa, several times. At the banquet in Southdale, they pushed Ms. Benett into the water and survived,
but there was another car accident. They have already cooperated with the police and submitted
evidence. The Wickam family will not accept this slander.]A recording and numerous pieces of
evidence were attached below.Rachel gasped, “Well, they’re in deep trouble.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

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