Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 560

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Come on! I’ve known you since kindie,” she huffed. “now that she’s your little friend, I’m constantly
third wheeling at this point. Carle, you better know your place.”Sheena erupted with laughter. Elisa was
smiling uncontrollably.Carle coughed, “You always catch me by surprise.”“Tsk! Talk about commitment
issue! Let’s break up!” She crossed her arms, “We didn’t talk about it all night since the two of us were
hurrying to finish up work from the previous evening. I’ll see you as soon as I get off the airplane
today!”Rachel really is something.This is a perfect excuse to leave.Carle was surprised, “Have you
guys not slept?”Elisa smiled and shook her head. Rachel cried, “We were busy! We haven’t been
eating and sleeping right for the past few days because of you! You are heartless, thinking only about
Elisa!”Carle mumbled, “Yes, yes, it was my fault. When I recover, I’ll treat you love.”“Hmm! You must
consider how to thank me, even though I know you have plenty of money—otherwise, I won’t! Just
because you and Elisa are a thing doesn’t mean you can treat me any differently!”Rachel was pushing
the joke because she frankly was too exhausted to keep awake.Carle was considerate and got the
message.Carle looked deeply at Elisa and Rachel, “You two go back to rest first. Since you are back
now, there are plenty of opportunities for us to meet in the future. Not too long, I hope.”Elisa smiled, “I
took a nap during the flight. I can hold up for a bit. How do you feel now?” Elisa was already seated
next to Carle when she spoke, and she had unintentionally retrieved back her hand.Carle smiled, “I’m
almost better. I’ll be discharged from the hospital in a short time. Anymore, I’ll be rotting to my demise.
Sheena is excited to leave.”Sheena smiled, “I’m fine.”“Since when were you considerate?”Carle
couldn’t help laughing, “Hey, quiet you.”A few others exchanged words, but Sheena and Rachel felt a
bit embarrassed by Carle’s unwillingness to take his eyes off Elisa’s face.Not to add that he works for
Elisa.Sheena butted in, “By the way, things between the Wickam family and the Benett family have
gotten a little serious in the past two days. What are you going to do?”Carle replied, “If the Benett
family continues like this, I’m afraid the company will be unredeemable.”Elisa chortled, “It will survive.
There is talented staff in the company. It takes more than a slander to drown that ship.”It was normal
for the conversation to steer toward the company’s well-being.“Then what are you going to do?” Carle&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;stared.Elisa shook her head, “Nothing.” She shrugged, “We’ll leave the war ongoing.”“Hah, it’s been a
while since I’ve watched a good fight.”“Yes, it’s been a while. Hold on, I just received a
notification.”Carle was increasingly worried about this issue as well. After all, the Benett Group was
involved.Rachel yelped, “The Wickam family responded! Look! Oh, this is like early Christmas!”Wait…
Rachel’s expression became grave.
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Chapter 560
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