Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 559

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rachel understood her worries, “Liz…”Elisa smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ve made up my mind a long time
ago.” She folded the apron Rachel was wearing, “I’m going to avenge my father.”“I’ll have your
back.”Us.Naturally, there are also Carle and Sheena Gilio.Elisa smiled and took her hand, “I know,
you’re the best.”“Then…can we just sit back and watch the fools fight? Grab the popcorn, Liz.” She
laughed, “The Wickams won’t have an ounce of cooperation with those lot. Are you going to
intervene?”“No, but the cooperation of this project…”Elisa remembered about Darcey.The Wickam
family put up an excellent performance, and this was only the beginning.Rachel was a little worried,
“What’s wrong?”Elisa smiled and shook her head, “It’s okay. We’ll just go to the theater for a few days.
By the way, I’m almost recovered now. Let’s go see Carle.”“But you…”“I have no problem taking a
shower these days. What are you worried about?”“I’m afraid the Benett family will come after
you…”“They have bigger fish to fry. Don’t worry, let’s go.”When Rachel realized that her condition had
significantly improved and that she had a greater capacity for recuperation than others, she paused
briefly before nodding. “Fine, but you can’t stay with him for too long. We’ll come back after a while.
Let’s just say I just came back from a business trip, and I’m tired.” Elisa smiled, “Alright.”She had been
corresponding with Carle on WeChat over this time, and she had periodically sent videos. After giving a
terrible excuse, she would hang up for his sake. Carle Semoa’s rehabilitation would be hampered if it
took a long time since he would be thinking about it.The two then prepared their belongings and
headed to the hospital.Sheena, who was still with Carle at this time, was shocked to see Elisa and
Rachel approaching.“You’re back!”The moment Carle heard Sheena remark, she perked up, “I didn’t
think that you would come back today. Why didn’t you tell me in advance?” Carle was just as surprised
as Sheena. He looked over to Elisa.“Surprise!” Rachel said with a smile, “How about it?”“I’m so happy!”
Sheena was worried. These last two days, Carle’s inner emotions were turbulent, and she was worried
that he wouldn’t be able to conceal it.However, she struggled to articulate why he didn’t talk to her very
much. He had no option but to remain silent because speaking would only make him appear more
questionable.She finally exhaled a sigh of relief now that both of them were here.Elisa’s gaze briefly&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;halted as Carle held out a hand. She held it.“Liz, I miss you so much.” Even though Sheena Gilio and
Rachel were there, Carle confessed.Elisa comforted him, “Me too.”Carle couldn’t suppress his warm
smile.Rachel, however, was at her limit.
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