Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 557

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&#lt;p&#gt;Norman was stunned. He wanted to stop her, but what else was there to do?It seemed like the only
way to counter the Wickams.His phone rang.Norman answered irritably, “When are you coming
back?”“In twenty.”“Quickly. My phone is blowing up in notifications. I need you to take over while I head
to a company meeting.”“Go, I’ll be there shortly. I’ll have someone look after Linda in the
meantime.”“Good.”He hung up the phone and rushed out.…One hour later.Benett Group conference
room.All the senior executives sat in chairs; their faces darkened.Norman clasped his hands in
silence.James Markee glowered at the crowd, ” We are powerless to whine or point the finger at
anyone at this time. Does anyone have any good ideas? Speak now.”Jessie Green frowned, “The
Wickam Group obviously has a backhand for terminating the contract. Even if we seek peace, it may
not be beneficial. The most pressing matter is to move swiftly and find a new alliance.”Calvin Hall
replied, “However, based on the existing circumstances, only the Wickam family can provide us with
the largest performance benefits. This is not at all done by the Darcey Group. The new Tabor Group
doesn’t concentrate here and finds it difficult to work together. Now since the primary business is
absent, we are sitting ducks.” An employee suggested, “Why not be a sole company?” Norman
disagreed: “It costs a lot of money, and we don’t have enough trustworthy connections for that. If Mr.
Wickam finds a backer, his partner will definitely come for our necks. We need to prepare for that. This
will only prevent the business from operating regularly, which will cause a decline in our stock prices
and the bankruptcy of the company. Taking that route will only keep us afloat for half a year, at
most.”The attendants of the meeting became silent.James Markee was considering what she would do
if Elisa were to preside over this situation.What if it was Elisa Benett?Mr. Benett is naturally Elisa’s
father.James Markee couldn’t help but think that if Mr. Benett were there, he would locate a partner on
his own, and there wouldn’t be a figure for a half-year. His commercial acumen was
exceptional.Norman Benett merely intended to make enough money to live comfortably after joining the
firm, and he never considered his options. This also contributed to the unexpected vacant period that
followed the Wickams’ rejection of Benett’s group.Because no one was certain how this collaboration&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;came to an end, everyone was now debating how to handle these issues cooperatively.I’m worried that
everyone wouldn’t cooperate to find a solution if we had known.Even though everyone was still
debating, the solution was still not agreed upon. This time, Norman Benett lacked the courage to
choose, and he abruptly changed into a pending state.Yet…During their time in the meeting, social
media was in chaos.Rose exposed the medical records on Twitter to slander the Wickams.Web
developers behind Twitter were cursing over the traffic caused.I can’t catch a break as IT, can I?
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Chapter 557
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