Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 556

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rose almost swore with her last statement.It sounded like she was decisive.Jerry ridiculed, “Rose, you
don’t cherish the reputation we have built for you.” The old man yelled back, “You can try it, but don’t
blame the Wickam family for being ruthless! ”“You! You…!”The woman’s body shook with anger. “Do
you have any conscience in that hollow shell of yours?! My daughter is like this because of your
careless decision! If she ends her life, you’ll pay with yours!!”The woman shrieked at the old
man.However, nobody in the Wickam family accepted it. With their past history together, they regarded
this as another cry for wolf.This is your own undoing.Mrs. Wickam sneered, “Leave. You are never
allowed back here ever again!”Rose: “!!”“Fine!”“Just wait!”The mother stomped out of the household.On
the way, she sent her husband a text.—Rose: ‘How is Linda?’—Norman Benett: ‘Sitting on the bed,
neither eating nor drinking. She’s ignoring me.’—Rose: ‘Their family will pay.’—Norman Benett: ‘Are
you really crazy! Do you know you’re going against the Wickam family?’ He contacted Rose directly
after sending this message since he was exhausted from typing.Rose responded and informed
everyone of what had just occurred. Although Norman Benett had already begun to settle down, he
was once more feeling overwhelmed. He gritted his teeth, “They really said that?!”“Would I lie in this
kind of situation?! Do you know why I went to the Wickams’ house to make trouble? Do you have no
faith in me?”“Are you even thinking this through?”“I am! Of course, I am! But I’m not stupid. If the
Wickam family did this, our Benett family would become a joke to everyone. But if we sit idly by, they
will think we are weak. We’ll be a joke to them!”Norman grew sullen. He knew that Rose was right
about the family’s reputation.“What the hell are you going to do about it?”“They are not shy to show
how ungrateful they’ve been. Let’s expose that part of them! We’ll turn the tables on them, and so with
the public!”“You mean…”“Disclose Linda’s medical records!”Norman frowned, “But this hospital is our
own…”Rose snorted coldly, “What are you afraid of? Let them refute it if they can even produce
evidence against the claim.”“Call my assistant to get my records!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

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