Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 554

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&#lt;p&#gt;Bullying her daughter in such a manner! What requirements must they meet to continue living happily?
Rose swiftly left.She felt Norman clutch her arm, “You said you had a plan, right? Did you not
mention…”“This was before they released it. What’s the use of it now?! You stay here to console our
daughter. I’ll ask them for an explanation!”Norman hated the feeling of being helpless.His phone
incidentally was blowing up due to the countless notifications.Rose held her daughter’s hand, “I’ll
handle this, trust me.”Linda ignored her and sat on the bed.Her tears were silent.I can’t let these
monsters get away with this.…Social media.The Wickam family sent this news, which had already
created a stir over the entire nation. The Wickam family runs a sizable business that attracts a lot of
interest.The instant the news was made, Twitter erupted.The traffic garnered on Twitter sent the site on
overload.Many technicians were grumbling internally about having to work extra for a few days since
they were unsure when the heat would subside.…Rose had already arrived at the door of the Wickams’
house.This time, she didn’t make any calls to the other party at all and instead immediately rang the
doorbell. When the housekeeper realized she was the one who had arrived, she informed the master
right away. “Why is she this upset?”Mrs. Wickam frowned, ” We have used up all of our goodwill and
are prepared to pay significant liquidated damages, but they still won’t let up. She is relentless.”Old
Madam Wickam calmly replied, ” Allow her to enter. I’m afraid she may not be able to accept what was
reported in the media this time.”Mrs. Wickam sighed.Old Mr. Wickam commanded, “Let her in.”The
visitor had a miserable look on her.He just grinned at Rose and extended an invitation to her, “Please
come in.”Rose didn’t say a word and walked inside. Rose was fuming when she saw how at ease the
family was. She fumed, “Is this normal for you Wickams to do this?”Mrs. Wickam scowled. She used to
be as good as her own sister, and Rose used to welcome her with kindness frequently. But right now,
her inquisitive demeanor was really a little uncomfortable.Then, in an urgent tone, she said, “Don’t you
want to issue a formal statement that this is the end of the matter? What’s happening now that our two
families have already announced the news? What else do you want, given that our Wickam family has
already expressed regret and that we are likewise humble?”&#lt;/p&#gt;

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