Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 549

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&#lt;p&#gt;The three collected their thoughts in silence.Neither of them knew how to solve the matter.Sheena
sighed, “Yesterday, Carle confronted me. It was about whether Elisa intended to break her promise
since we lied.”Rachel took a breath, “Ah…”Elisa pursed her lips, “It’s good for him to doubt.”Sheena
refrained from shedding a tear. She was afraid that Carle would spot her outside the ward.She sighed,
“Elisa, why am I not enough for him? If it were me, he wouldn’t have to worry.”Rachel was
speechless.Elisa responded calmly, “Let’s concentrate on the things at hand. I’ll handle dealing with
that later.”Sheena and Rachel agreed.Sheena queried, “How is your situation now?”“She’s much better.
In a few days, Elisa can visit the hospital.”The woman was grateful for the news. She was happy that
Elisa was back on her feet. “Then get some well-deserved rest. I’ll be looking forward to your meetup
with Carle.”“Don’t worry! I’m here! I can take care of her. You take care of Carle on the other side,
haha.”Sheena smiled. It was rare these days that she felt genuinely happy.…A night passed.Linda
finally woke up.She was stuck in a fantastic dream. Linda could still hear Gareth calling her lovingly and
offering to keep the engagement between them. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe from public ridicule.
We’ll be the happiest couple in the world,” Gareth said when he was awake. She was almost happy to
be awake.But reality sunk in.How cruel! Cruel!“Linda, you finally woke up!”Linda was roused by the
frazzled, worried voice.It turned out to be her parents, who were seated next to her bed.When she
quickly turned to look around, she saw that there were just the three of them in the ward.Linda’s
complexion abruptly became pallid. Her mouth’s pleasant smile vanished.The pair got increasingly
concerned when they noticed her change. Rose immediately rang the bell beside the bed, “Hurry up!
Where’s the nurse?!”Linda developed a headache, “Mom, stop pressing.”Rose paused, “Linda,
you’re…”Linda turned her head to look at Rose. Her eyes couldn’t hide her anticipation: “Mom, where
did Gareth run off to? Just now…he has been by my side, right?”Norman Benett and Rose’s
expressions grew grave.Disappointment flooded over Linda.Her voice trembled, “It was… a
dream?”Rose was afraid that Linda would be overly upset again, “Oh, Gareth was alone with you in the
room just now. We don’t know what he said to you, but he was busy and didn’t stay too long. He was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;here longer than us.”Rose sighed, “He is very guilty and wants to stay with you all the time. The Darcey
company has caused him issues. If it is not resolved, the company may go bankrupt. He has no choice
but to go to other places. Too many cities.”
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