Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 548

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&#lt;p&#gt;In the meantime, Rachel was still fawning over Elisa. The two paused their chatter when Elisa’s phone
rang.It’s Sheena Gilio’s number. Elisa responded, “Sheen?”Rachel grew puzzled. “There’s no way
Sheena knows about us! Put it on speaker!”Elisa frowned.“Sheena?”Sheena sighed, “Linda is in the
hospital.”“What? Wait, doesn’t her family own a hospital?”“True, but I just got on a call with my mother.
She told me that her scouts spotted Linda at the Benetts’ hospital. My mother didn’t owe Rose a favor
before, so she went to visit her today.”“What? Really? Isn’t this good news?!” Rachel beamed over this
development, “She’s definitely faking it again! Have Gareth and the others visited yet?”Sheena
hesitated, “I don’t know, my mother said at the time there were no visitors.” She huffed, “No one from
the Wickam family came. Rose didn’t elaborate on her daughter’s condition, but she did say it was a
coma. And… I also heard a rumor.”“Spill!”Elisa brought the phone closer to Rachel.Sheena whispered,
“Someone saw Linda pass out in front of Gareth, but the man didn’t give a finger to help. It was Linda’s
parents who admitted her to the hospital. To make it worst, he left Linda the moment he saw people
approach.”Elisa and Rachel exchanged glances. Suspicion grew on Rachel, “No way…why do I always
feel that this is a rumor? Didn’t it say that Linda was Gareth’s lifesaver? But Gareth didn’t return the
favor? That doesn’t seem like him. Besides, this will ruin his public reputation.”“I’m not sure either… But
I feel there is a storm coming for the two of them. The engagement is right around the corner, and this
could be an omen for their downfall.”Rachel laughed, “It would be perfect if the engagement actually
got called off. I can imagine it! Linda crying like a kid.” The woman sneered, “I hope to witness Linda’s
altercation with the whole network! I just can’t wait to make it public.”Elisa crooned, “Don’t worry, things
take time.”“Well, I know that for sure. Just wanted to tell you about it.”Elisa continued, “How is Carle
these few days?”“The doctor said that he is recovering. He will be discharged from the hospital in
another seven to ten days. It’s just that he has not been very energetic these two days, and it may be
because he hasn’t seen you.”Elisa sighed, “I have been in touch with him for the past two days. He’s
been considerate about my busy schedule so far.” She brushed away her bangs, “I am worried. After
he recovers, I should…”Sheena cut her off, “Benett, please! Don’t tell him this quick…”Elisa bit her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;lip.Rachel sighed, “That’s right, I can’t talk about it right away,” The lady crossed her arms, “but I must
bring this up sooner or later. What if he finds out?”
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