Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 547

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Benett! You’re brilliant! I could kiss you!” Rachel seemed to be more excited than Elisa.Elisa couldn’t
help chuckling, “Aren’t you tired?”“How can I be tired!” Rachel relished excitedly. “I’m invincible! No one
can mess with us!”Elisa smiled. Rachel quipped, “Are you going to take over? Your wound hasn’t
healed!”“After the negotiation, I don’t need to hand over the rest of the matter. I just need to talk to our
department leader, and they’ll arrange it.” Elisa explained. “As for the subsequent cooperation, I also
need to wait until all the process arrangements are completed. This may have to wait, but by then, I
should be fully healed.”Rachel nodded with that reassurance. “That’s good, that’s good.”…The
ward.Benett’s Hospital.Norman and Rose had been guarding here all afternoon, but Linda was lying on
the hospital bed and showed no signs of waking.Norman was about to go crazy. Looking at the dozen
or so doctors in the ward, he gritted his teeth and cried, “She’s only fainted! There was no external
injury at all. Why hasn’t she woken up yet?!”Rose also looked at the doctors in a panic, “You must find
a way to wake her up!”The doctors were afraid to contradict the statement since they were the owners
of the place. An experienced doctor commented, “Miss Linda is in stable condition. It is only because of
the fainting that it induced her to a coma.”“Why are you awake, and she’s not?!” Norman roared angrily.
The doctor said calmly, “Even if she can’t wake up tonight, she can wake up tomorrow. What she needs
now is rest… There are too many people, and it will affect her recovery. At this time, she should be able
to wake up.”Rose stared at her child lying on the bed, “Forget it. Get out, all of you.”The doctor
gestured for his colleagues to give the Benett’s some privacy.Soon enough, only the three of them
remained in the ward.Rose held onto Linda’s hand, “Dear girl, I know you’re hurting, but you have to
wake up for us. Do you really want to give up after all we’ve sacrificed? Wake up.” The mother
whispered, “I will find a way for you. I’ll have you marry into the Wickam family in a glorious manner!
There won’t be anything to stop us anymore!”Out of anger, Norman paced back and forth.Rose glanced
at him, got up, and pulled him outside.Her husband followed suit.After the two of them arrived in an
empty ward, Rose said directly, “This matter must not be left alone.”Mr. Benett gritted his teeth, “I don’t
want to just let it go, but the Wickam family has prepared every possible scenario to terminate our&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;cooperation. We’re the ones at stake!”Rose grew livid at her husband’s declaration.Norman groaned,
“Now, we don’t have the means to confront the Wickam family head-on. Since it’s their call, we can
deduce they have found a better partner for the company.” The man rubbed his temple, “We’ve just
been replaced.”“Of course, I know this,” Rose hissed. She straightened her collar, “but I have a
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