Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 546

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&#lt;p&#gt;Julia noticed that he sounded down and asked, “What are you doing?”“I’m driving.” Gareth stared
straight ahead. He pursed his lips. The veins on the back of his hand pulsed.It was better not to
mention the heartless woman. Otherwise, he would want to strangle her to death.“Alright then. Drive
carefully. I won’t disturb you anymore.” Julia couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. She ended the
call.He continued driving with his lips pursed. The dark expression on his face was intimidating.…As
the time passed, Rachel felt that her brain was overwhelmed with a series of terminologies and
cases.The heated debate between the two was incredulous. It wasn’t just a regular occurrence for the
two best speakers to go head-to-head.As a result…The debate had been going on nonstop.Yet Rachel
was overjoyed! Ecstatic! Exhilarated!Because!She may not understand what was happening, but that
doesn’t mean she couldn’t see who was winning!The man was at a loss for words more frequently. He
was even wordless this time around.The air was still.Rachel munched on her food silently. She raised
her head and peeked at Sean from time to time.Elisa sipped on her water and smiled. “Uncle Sean,
that’s about it. I believe we can succeed if we work together.”Sean’s expression was solemn. Visibly
moved by her words, he seemed to be contemplating what would happen if they carried out the
plan.Deep in thought, he took a few bites of the food and finally broke the silence after a while. “I think
we can work together on this.” Rachel’s eyes widened. Although she felt that the collaboration was in
their grasp and was exhilarated earlier, hearing a solid approval made her want to jump for joy for
Elisa.After all, all of Elisa’s joint projects were tough nuts to crack.If it were anyone else, they would
have trouble completing even only one. Yet Elisa succeeded in all five projects!It was truly a
miracle!No… This is no miracle. People might think it’s a miracle if it’s only one or two projects. But five
in a row! All of them are tough to complete. This can’t be just a miracle!Elisa grinned. “Then our
company looks forward to working with your company, uncle!”“No, no.” Sean’s expression was
determined.Elisa was puzzled. “Huh?”“Not the companies. This is only between the two of us.” He
smiled.Elisa blinked a few times and immediately understood his words.Rachel, however, was
confused. What does that mean? Are they both going to leave their companies and work together&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;privately? But that’s impossible for Elisa…Although Elisa wouldn’t be fired over losing one project, she
refused to allow Benett Corporation any space to find fault with her. She must complete all of her
work.This collaboration with Sean, in particular, was important to her.Elisa smiled and said softly, “I
need to put in an application for this with my company first.”He nodded. “Not a problem.”She beamed
and raised her cup. “Uncle Sean, I’ll toast for a pleasant time working together.”He grinned and raised
his cup. It was rare for them to have a proper conversation. They raised their cups in celebration.After
he left, Rachel couldn’t hide her admiration any longer. With disbelief, she lifted her hand and smacked
it straight down on Elisa’s shoulder.
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