Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 545

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Let’s not talk about Nicole. When we first got together, I remember your parents tried to introduce you
to a girl. What was her name again? Was it Tammy?”Darren’s face reddened. “Why would you bring up
a trivial thing like that for?”Julia chuckled at him. “What else if not to tease you? That Tammy wasn’t
just a normal girl. Wasn’t her family comparable to Nicole’s? But you fought with your family, insisting
on choosing me.”He became silent.He thought that she was trying to get even with him over that
matter, but he forgot that there was a reason she would bring up the incident.He stayed silent for a
while before blurting out, “That’s different!”She smiled. “How is it any different?”“That’s because I’ve
met you. I had you, but who does he have? I used to think that anyone would do it until I met you. He
must be thinking the same thing as I was.”“Why would he refuse you if anyone will do?”“That’s because
he doesn’t know! He probably thinks that Nicole wouldn’t cut it!” He retorted.“That’s enough! You know
something’s wrong in this child’s situation, yet you’re still pig-headed. Can you stop meddling in his
matters?”“But I’m doing it for…”Julia snorted. “What? To put it nicely, you’re doing it for the bigger
picture. But, in honesty, you’re only doing it for the benefits and the money! That’s why you want to sell
him out with this marriage. Then why didn’t you marry for convenience? Besides, our family is filthy
rich. How much more do you want?”He was speechless.He couldn’t reply to his wife’s reasoning. But
he was still reluctant.They had been together for years. There was no way Julia wouldn’t know what he
was thinking.She spoke up. “You’re not allowed to force him into the engagement, or else I’m divorcing
you! I’ll do what I said!”“You…!” Darren looked at her furiously. “What do you know, you old
woman?”“What do you know?! Do you know you’ll rob Gareth’s happiness for the rest of his life? He
may not have met the person now, but he will meet them in the future. He’s still so young! I don’t care.
If you force him, I’ll divorce you!”“You…!!!”Fuming, he left without another word.Julia snorted. She
picked up her phone and called Gareth.“Grandma.” Gareth picked up the call right away.“Ignore what
your grandpa said. You don’t need to listen to him this time. I can be as stubborn as a mule. I told him
we’re divorcing if he still forces you!”Gareth’s lips curved upward in a light smile. Warmth spread across
his chest.He said gently, “You don’t need to intervene in this matter. It will only harm your relationship.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;I’ll do what I see fit. I’ve already decided not to listen to him.”“That’s not enough!” Julia furrowed her
eyebrows. “I think that there’s something wrong with his head. All he thinks about is money. Our family
has enough to spend for the next few generations, yet he’s thinking of getting more by trading your
happiness. My boy, I won’t force you to marry Elisa, but you must hold on to your happiness, alright?
Don’t just spend the rest of your life drifting.”He felt an inexplicable sense of irritation when she
mentioned Elisa.He replied softly, “I will.”
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