Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 542

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&#lt;p&#gt;“How did you get into an accident? How are you recovering?” Sean asked Elisa. He was in no rush to
pick up his cutleries.“Two big cars were coming toward me, and I couldn’t avoid them.” Elisa said
nonchalantly.Sean’s facial expressions immediately changed!“It was you that drove toward them!”News
about that event had spread, and there were rumors about what had conspired, but no one uninvolved
knew the characters in the story.“No, Uncle. I was there too!” Rachel shook her head.“Someone’s trying
to kill you.” Sean guessed as his face darkened.“I hope not.” Elisa brushed it off jokingly.“People are
getting more and more brazen these days. What are the police saying?” Sean asked with a
frown.“They’re still investigating it. The drivers involved were hired men, and they haven’t been able to
get any information from them. They’re claiming that it was an accident caused by drunk drivers.” Elisa
said truthfully.Sean snorted and said, “It’s obvious they were under orders! I’m sure once the police
check their bank accounts and find the inconsistencies in their statements, they will be able to find the
culprit behind all this.”“Yeah, I’m sure the police will be able to get to the bottom of it. Uncle, since
you’re coming to pay me a visit tonight, we can’t consider it part of the five meals you owe me, right?”
Elisa said and then changed the subject with a smile.Sean had promised Elisa five meals.Sean was
stunned into laughter, “You little brat. What schemes are you planning again?” Elisa huffed and said,
“I’m not! I genuinely like you, so I don’t want you to break ties with me after these five meals.”“You’re
being so kind with your words. I know your true purpose is to get me to agree to the collaboration.”
Sean scoffed.Rachel stood at the side with her mouth slightly agape. She couldn’t contain her shock.I
can see they are really close, just like a niece and her uncle.“Then, I’ll take it as you agreeing.” Elisa
teased and said, “Uncle Sean, try the dishes before they get cold.”Elisa had hired a top chef to make
the dishes, but Sean wasn’t one to be impressed by these things. He picked up his cutleries and then
spoke softly to Elisa, “I’ve thought about what you said about the collaboration, but I still need
reassurance on two fronts. I will agree to it if you can convince me.”The shock in Rachel’s eyes
intensified! She was no longer interested in the dishes on the table.D*mn Elisa! She’s such a girl boss!
She’s already finished four difficult projects, and now, she’s convinced Uncle Sean. What kind of skills&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;does she have!“Go ahead.” Elisa said with a grin. She was confident she would win after their last
discussion. Her confidence only grew after hearing his answer.Sean picked up his cutleries and told
Elisa calmly, “It’s a selfish world out there. Yet, you want to promote family peace with a focus on
assets. Benett Corporation has always dabbled with wood, but now you want to change the family
direction and create something else. Not only is it not something I like, but it’s also not your company’s
strong point. Why do I have to join hands with you?”Rachel’s face was drained of color. That was such
a toxic question!!
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Chapter 542
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