Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 540

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa sat on the couch in the living room. She looked at the figure by the window and giggled, “What’s
wrong? Are you trying to find a man?”“Yeah! Of course, I am!” Elisa pouted and continued, “But it’s so
troublesome to find a boyfriend. I made a mistake at the start. I have to find a man from other social
circles. Why is there only one guy in our circle? I should have brought in more guys and picked one.
Life would be so much more interesting if I did that!!”Elisa smiled and gave Rachel a look, “What’s
wrong with a childhood sweetheart? Knowing your personality, are you not feeling any more
romance?”Rachel was a girl that liked new adventures and experiences.Rachel laughed and flicked her
short hair. “I knew you knew me!!”“Of course, I know you. Do you mind if I invite someone over
tonight?” Elisa giggled while placing the notebook in her hand down.“Who is it?”“Sean Jordan, an uncle
I knew from before.”Rachel looked at her disbelievingly, “What?? Mr. Jordan! I can’t believe you know
him!”Elisa nodded and replied, “Our company has a project and would like to collaborate with him.
We’ve been trying hard to get him to agree, but it’s been hard. He owes me four more meals, so I was
going to ask him tonight.”With anticipation shining in her eyes, Rachel laughed and said, “Does it still
count if you invite him over? I’ve only seen him on TV and would like to see him in person. He is well-
known and powerful; I really respect him!”Elisa smiled and texted Sean after a glance at the time.Elisa:
‘Uncle Sean, can I call you?’ Her phone rang not long after the text was delivered.“Uncle Sean, it’s
been a while.”“Elisa, it hasn’t been that long? Is this about the meal I owe you?” His voice did not
sound too happy.“That’s right, but I wanted to invite you over tonight. I broke a rib bone, so I have to
stay at home and recuperate.”“You broke your rib bone?? What happened?” Sean asked in
astonishment.“It was a car accident. Uncle Sean, don’t you want to pay me a visit?”“Send me the
address.”“Okay, Uncle. I’ll see you tonight at six.”“Okay.”Their conversation ended, and they hung up
the phone. Elise sent him her address immediately.There was amazement in Rachel’s eyes as she
exclaimed, “Wow! I can’t believe you got him to come! I didn’t realize you guys were this close! This old
man’s stubbornness is infamous; he’s known for not showing mercy to others. Yet, he’s coming over
because you invited him?!”“I’m going to go make some arrangements. Let’s get a chef to cook dinner&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;tonight.” Elisa said with a smile.“Alright,” Rachel said happily. She knew that Elisa wouldn’t cook with
her around.The two went about making preparations.Rachel would go on her phone whenever there
was time to spare.She was scrolling through Twitter when she saw a post.“Holy sh*t! Elisa, come look
at this. Something popped up on Twitter, and it is going off!!”“What is it?” Elisa asked curiously.“Well,
it’s something really shocking.” Rachel couldn’t believe her eyes.
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Chapter 540
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