Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 539

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&#lt;p&#gt;It took a long while for her to regain her senses. By the time she did, Gareth was already far away from
her.“Garry…” She cried as she hurried to him, but the cold air he emitted caused her to tremble and
stop in her steps. She pushed past those thoughts and ran past him.She stopped before him and said,
“Why can’t you believe me? Garry, I did not do anything!”“This is your last chance. Get out of my
way.”Gareth stopped and looked at the person in front of him. It sent chills down Linda’s spine and
icicles straight to her heart when he spoke.Linda sucked in a breath; tears continued to splatter to the
ground.Gareth would have pitied me before. I could even make him pity me with my acting. But now,
he’s unmoving in his thoughts.At this moment, Linda felt faint, and her brain couldn’t comprehend the
situation. The man was walking away from her. She wanted to turn around to look at him, but her body
wasn’t cooperating with her wishes. Her body suddenly felt weak, and her vision turned foggy. She
couldn’t focus on the man’s silhouette, and her eyelids felt heavy…‘Crash!’Gareth heard the sound and
frowned. He stopped and looked back to see Linda fainted on the ground. The annoyance in his eyes
deepened. He stared at her unmoving body before giving his mother a call.“Get someone from Linda’s
family here; she’s fainted.” “What happened?” Monica was shocked, but Gareth didn’t see the need to
explain. He also didn’t care about Linda, so he hung up and walked away. From his experience, Linda
could be faking it again. He only called his mother to help out of morality, in case she had fainted. He
felt no more guilt toward Linda.…The engagement had been dissolved, but the Wickam family was in
no hurry to announce it. The main reason was that the collaboration was still in progress.Everyone was
on break this day.Gareth drove away in an irritated state. Without knowing it, he arrived at Elisa’s
neighborhood. He raised his eyes and looked at the windows of the houses in front of him. At last, his
eyes stopped at Elisa’s house. He squinted and could see a shadow in the window, but he wasn’t sure
if it was Elisa or Rachel. He gripped the steering wheel and paused for a moment. In the end, he picked
up his phone and dialed a number.But… he was greeted by an automated woman’s voice.“The number
you have dialed is unavailable at the moment, please…”Gareth frowned and hung up.Five minutes
later, he tried again, but it was still the same message.He kept calling. His face grew darker, and the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;emotion reflected in his eyes would scare off anyone around him.Elisa had blocked his phone
number!Well then! I tried so hard to sever my ties with Linda, yet what about her?!‘Bang!’Gareth
slammed his hand on the steering wheel and accelerated out of there.…Upstairs, Rachel had been
standing at the window for a while. When she saw that eye-catching Rolls Royce leave, she couldn’t
help but blurt out, “The car’s left. It was there for a while, but it just left. I wonder who the big shot is…”
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Chapter 539
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