Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 537

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&#lt;p&#gt;The expressions of Norman and the people around him changed. They knew the other party wouldn’t
rest until they dissolved the engagement.“If you wanted to cancel the engagement, you should’ve said
so. Why did you have to go around it so high and mightily?” Norman scoffed.Gareth glanced at him
coldly, but Norman was avoiding his gaze. So, he turned to Darren and announced deeply, “Since Old
Mr. Wickam has made up his mind, I can say that it was not meant to be. Since we’re canceling our
engagement, we should also stop all our collaborating projects!”His words carried no room for
argument.Rose seemed to get encouragement from his words; she straightened herself up. The
Wickam family was powerful, but the collaboration was important, too. She did not believe they would
let go of such a good opportunity. She was sure that they would come begging soon after. She would
like to see if they would still be as stubborn then.As for Linda…She was panicking at the moment. She
thought Gareth was powerless and did not prioritize the collaboration between their families.As she
was lost in those thoughts, Darren suddenly shook his head in regret and asked her husband,
“Norman, must you go that far?”Norman felt he could benefit from this interaction. He puffed out his
chest and said confidently, “Old Mr. Wickam, do you think we are going too far? It was you who wanted
to cancel the engagement and make our daughter a laughingstock to the world. I would rather do this
than be slaves to your money.”He leaned back casually as though waiting for Gareth to light his
cigarette. Rose sat quietly and supportively beside Norman. They knew that even if other people did
not have the power to negotiate with the Wickam family, they did because the Benett family was the
Wickam family’s most essential partner.But…They were too naïve…Darren heaved a seemingly
exasperated sigh, “If that is your decision, we will respect it. I will send someone to Benett Corporation
tomorrow to sign the papers. I will pay the severance fee according to the contract.”Norman and Rose’s
expressions immediately changed!Is he being serious? Didn’t he say that to make them take a step
back?Norman scrunched his brows together and asked, “Are you sure, Old Mr. Wickam?”Darren
sighed again, “I’m sure. Since you do not want to collaborate anymore, I won’t force you. I will not leave
you hanging, though. Treat the severance pay as a means of compensation.”The amount in the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;severance pay might be a large sum to a typical bystander, but to Wickam Group, it was pocket
change. Besides, they benefit more from working within themselves than in collaborations. Darren
didn’t think that he would gain so much today. He had come intending to dissolve the engagement, yet
there was more news to celebrate. If the Benett family knew of his true intentions, they would probably
be p*ssed off.The nerves in Norman’s face were twitching. He was so shocked he couldn’t even say a
word. All his stubbornness from before had evaporated in an instant. Even Rose was feeling defeated.
She had told Linda to stay steadfast, but… now she couldn’t even stand straight.The atmosphere grew
solemn, and the Benett family stayed quiet. It was at this time the waiters brought the dishes to the
table.Darren took up his cutleries and said happily, “Let’s eat.”Linda was full of questions.
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