Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 538

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&#lt;p&#gt;How is anyone supposed to eat in this situation?The waiters left after serving the food and closed the
door.Darren looked calm as he addressed the table, “Let’s eat first. We can only leave after finishing
everything on the table.”Norman was dumbfounded.No one can eat under this circumstance!Their
words had been full of ill intent, and they had even threatened him. Norman couldn’t say anything now!
How could he go back on his words? In any other situation, the person wanting to breach the contract
would have to pay the severance fee, but since Darren said that he would pay that fee, all his roads
were now blocked.The Wickam family! They’re playing us!Norman did not want to participate in this
dinner. He couldn’t stand putting down his pride. His daughter’s been abandoned, and they would soon
be the laughingstock of the whole world. How could he sit here and have a meal with him courteously?
Norman inhaled and tried to control his emotions. He gritted his teeth as he spat, “Old Mr. Wickam,
don’t you think you’re overdoing it?”Darren fixed his eyes on him and said somewhat impatiently,
“Norman, why do you say that? I’ve listened to your request and even offered to pay the severance fee
as compensation. Yet, you say I’m overdoing it?”The veins in Norman’s neck bulged as his face
became red. He simmered in anger before blurting out, “You came with those intentions!”Jerry
snickered, “Mr. Benett, these two children have never been suited for each other. They do not have any
feelings for each other. They started their relationship because of guilt, but now the guilt has been
resolved. Do you think this marriage can hold on?” “You… You all…!” Norman trembled in anger. He
never pictured Jerry as a wolf in sheep’s skin. He was so blatant with his words. This could only mean
that they were determined to dissolve this engagement!Tears fell from Linda’s eyes. She did not care
about anything else; she turned to look at Gareth’s icy expression.“Garry, do you… do you really not
want me anymore?”The sides of Gareth’s mouth tilted up, and his eyes were filled with mockery. His
indifference showed how shameful Linda was to ask this question.‘Crack!’It was as though one could
hear Linda’s heart breaking into pieces. There was only panic in her eyes. She shook her head in
denial, “Why… Why are you doing this to me…”Her eyes were filled with sorrow, but Gareth was
immune to it. He stood up and said, “I’ve got things to attend to. Enjoy the food.”He left right after&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;that.“Garry!!” Linda called out in a hoarse voice. She stood up and followed after him.“Linda!”Norman
was worried, but he could not leave. Rose furrowed her brows but stayed unmoving in her seat.…
Linda’s tears continued to fall while she chased after Gareth.“Garry, please don’t go. I beg you…” She
reached her hand to hold him, but he quickly evaded her approach. The despise in his eyes was
evident.“Linda Benett, I’m trying to be nice to you. Do not push my buttons.”‘Crash!’Linda felt her whole
world falling apart.
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