Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 536

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&#lt;p&#gt;Linda couldn’t believe her ears.All hope she held was gone. She lost all trust in Gareth.It was set in
stone.Her worst fears were confirmed.She’s now considered a joke.“Auntie, why?” She cried, “Why do
you want to do this? Do you believe those traitors? I certainly don’t!”At this point, Linda wouldn’t dare to
rant and rave. She could only twist the truth in her favor. She did not know what she was denying, but
she did not care.Darren sighed and then said seriously, “This is the way things are. After all, we
proposed the termination. If you have are dissatisfied, you can speak up, and we will compensate
you.”“Compensation?” Norman seemed annoyed, “Although the Benetts aren’t as famous in the circle
as the Wickam family, we are still well-known. How will you make up for abandoning my
daughter?”Rose couldn’t help but question, “I just want to understand why you proposed to dissolve the
engagement?”Linda kept her focus on Gareth. Her tears were streaming out of her eyes
uncontrollably.She winced from the inevitable question.Gareth remained his uncaring glare.“You are all
aware of the recording. I had an evaluation performed, and it was not faked.” Gareth finally spoke.Linda
was shocked by what he said.Immediately, her face became pale.“So someone really played us!
Gareth, don’t trust it! We’ve been sabotaged!” Gareth sneered, “Sabotaged?” Who is the villain
exactly?”Linda did not know how to reply to him.She widened her eyes and looked at Gareth in
disbelief, “Garry, you, how could you accuse me like that?”Rose’s face darkened, “What do you mean
by that, Gareth? She tried to save your life back then, even though she nearly died. How could you? Is
this how you repay your savior?!”Instead of being angry, Gareth grinned. “If I don’t continue to
investigate this matter and take your word for it, would you swear by that statement?”Rose
paused.Linda went quiet.They panicked.How has it come to this?He couldn’t possibly know. “What do
you mean by that? My daughter saved your life.”Linda became anxious.No, they couldn’t deal with this
issue any longer!Otherwise, she greatly feared that Gareth would learn the truth. They wouldn’t be able
to obtain anything worthwhile if he pursued it.She, most importantly, didn’t want Gareth to be aware of
those things.As tears streamed down her cheeks, she swiftly seized Rose’s hand. “Don’t, Mom. It was
my own vocation to save Garry. I’m to blame. I’m not up to par.”Monica scowled. Would she be open to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;hearing what Linda’s family had to say about her son despite her previous optimism toward them?She
spoke sourly, “You should be aware of what occurred to the tape. Do you want us to disclose the
recording? Mr. Benett, there are certain things we didn’t tear apart just to make a place for your family.”
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